Toddler Belts

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I hope this week on POH you feel a bit inspired and notice a "spring in your step". For the craft-lover in you, here are some fun crafty ideas!

Toddler Belt: Pics and instructions taken from: My Longest Year

Not only is this an easy, 20-minute project, you can make these for both girls AND boys, as it's difficult to find projects you can make for both.


  • Scrap of fabric 28” L x 3” W (cut up old corduroys, khakis, and curtains to find great fabrics for your little girl OR boy) I would use a thicker fabric if you can.

  • Thread (2) ¾” D rings (hint: the cheapest D rings are on the kiosk with the buttons at Walmart, though you can also find more expensive, larger ones in the same aisle as purse notions)

To Make:

1. If you haven’t already, cut a length of fabric 28” long by 3” wide (you can easily adjust this for an adult-sized belt). When I have to cut long strips of fabric, I always fold it in half across the shortest end to make the cutting easier.

2. Press your strip of fabric lengthwise.

3. Fold the raw edges in about ½” on each side (more if you need the strip to be narrower to fit through the belt loops).

4. Top stitch the folded seams closed.

5. Thread your belt through two D rings and fold the end over twice.

6. Top stitch. You may want to turn the needle manually for the first few stitches, since the fabric will be thick.

7. Finish the other end of the belt with a zig zag stitch, or serge the seam (you may want to try the belt on your toddler before doing this so you can cut it down a bit if necessary). For a more finished look, you can also top stitch a coordinating piece of fabric bent around the end of the belt. You can also pinch the raw edges in, and top stitch the opening closed.


ChezDeshotels said...

Hollie thanks so much for the wonderful craft ideas I can't wait to do a quilt and the toddler belts I just daughter is needing belts and I had no idea how easy

I love to craft and sew so I can't wait


Shannon said...

Ooh, I really like this... the possibilities are endless! Nice gift idea, too.

karla said...

This is great. Very creative. Pics look so professional too. Thanks!

Curt, Mariah, & Carli Badura said...

need to learn how to use my sewing machine!! these sound so neat!!


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