Laney this week - 29 months

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What have we been up to this week? I'll highlight some action shots of Laney.

Last night we had a small group cookout at a nearby park. Ashley, one of our friends in the group, was practicing taking pictures of everyone in prep for her photography business, and she snapped a few of us. And I'm glad she did because, between running after Laney, pushing Laney on the swing, and trying to get her to stay in her seat, and both of us eat a little something for dinner, there was no time for taking pictures. You just wait until you see the pics. You'll see how hard she played. And Hugh was one of our MASTER GRILLERS, grilling the meat for everyone. It was a "Bring Your Own Meat and side dish" cookout.

Here's what Laney did most of the time. Her and Anna Kate climbed and rolled down hills. You should have heard the belly laughing and giggling from these two. Laney thought it was so so funny.

and more rolling...

and more rolling....

Nice action shots!

This is one of my favorites. Great pic with amazing color. No photoshop needed in this picture.

Laney looks like a little bunny here. Ha!

Below is a picture of me talking to some Mamas all the while "waiting" on Laney. If you notice, Laney has a painful expression on her face...... Why?

Although she's potty trained and has been since the end of March, she still struggles with going #2. She'll hold it for up to four days. Every time I get her out in an open space to run, run, run, it gets the bowels a-moving (and that's my intention to get those legs a-running). So, she was in some pain last night since yesterday was day four and she was holding it in as long as she could. We did, however, manage to have some success in that area about a half hour later after this picture was taken. I carry this ikea potty everywhere I go, along with my clorox wipes (Thanks Rachael for the superb recommendation!). However, the wipes fell out of our potty bag last night. Fun times for Mama, right? :) I absolutely LOVE this potty for several reasons: it's one piece (no drawers or lids for urine to seep into and start smelling), it's small, it's VERY inexpensive (so I can afford to have several of them around the house and in the vehicles) and lastly, they come in fun colors (although not all colors are shown online. I don't mind getting a "pink" potty for Laney since they are so inexpensive). Laney LOVES that one is pink and one is a light blue to match our bathroom. The downer is that you can't order these online. So, if you want one, get a friend to pick one up for you and mail it. It's very light weight! Here's a pic of us the other week at a strawberry farm where we had another "#2 emergency."
Another fun Laney expression!

Is this not the most hilarious picture ever?! I laughed out loud when I saw it.

And my other little daughter is about 1.5 lbs and growing quickly, giving me a huge baby bump. I'm 25 weeks pregnant and loving it. (although in the picture of me in my lounge clothes, I am almost 24 weeks pregnant.) I carry completely out front so I look farther along than I am. She's due in August! By then I will have one MASSIVE belly. Shhh..her name is a surprise though....(to us too...we still haven't 100% decided what will be her name. It's sooo tough choosing one!)

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