My Babies This Week

Posted by  | Wednesday, May 13, 2009  at 2:39 AM  
My babies are doing great - all three - and it 's amazing to look at the difference in our day from just a few weeks ago even. The boys have become champion nursers (this after 2 1/2 months of pumping - sometimes 2 hours 40 minutes in a 24 hour period and giving bottles; healing from surgery; taking care of my toddler; and very little sleep - Praise HIM for how HE carried us through!).
These two little smiles make it all worth it and it is quite amazing to get to nurse twins!!! With adjusted age, they are just 2 months old - so they still sleep a lot but are becoming much more alert, playful, watchful, cooing, and smiling. They especiall enjoy watching their big sis!
This was my attempt to take all three kids to the park on Mother's Day and get a picture. Took a couple and then the battery on my camera died. Lydia is really good with her brothers and enjoys being the big sister who can help take care of them.
That's my babies this week - how are YOURS doing?!


KC said...

I love that the twins both have only one eye open. That twin connectedness is already working :)

karla said...


Matt and Stacey said...

they are adorable!!! and getting chubby cheeks! :)
love ya!

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