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First of all, I should state that I was not scheduled to start this week out. I am the least qualified and have really learned all that I know from the other ladies here. When I first met Margaret, she really challenged my view of what "health foods" were. I envisioned tofu, soybeans, bran muffins and margarine. Ha! The only one of those that I'd consider "healthy" now is bran muffins - provided they aren't a prepackaged mix full of sugar!

The only reason I'm posting now is because Krista's internet is out, Margaret is moving out of the country, Hollie just had a baby and Leah is still healing from surgery. And my kids happen to still be napping at the moment. I hope that Krista especially is still able to post this week - stay tuned for more!

Our original intent was to provide some detailed posts highlighting a few health foods we've mentioned here before. I'm not exactly sure which ones Krista planned to highlight - but they would likely include cod liver oil, whole grains, "good" fats, etc.

Here is a quick list of the changes I've made to our foods in order to be more healthy (I included links to some articles that explain why!):

- making bread from fresh ground wheat (I also use fresh ground wheat for other baked goods as well.)

- subbing white sugar with honey or honey granules (sucanat) whenever I can

- limiting prepackaged foods

- avoiding unhealthy hydrogenated oils and trans fats, cooking mainly with olive oil when possible.

-buying organic for the most important items

-avoiding "ultra" pasteurized milk (I have found that Harris Teeter brand carries an organic pasteurized milk and that is usually what I buy. The BIG brands - Horizon, Stoneyfield, etc. are all "ultra pasteurized.")

The other ladies here have so much more to offer this week. I really hope they can chime in. In the meantime, here are some websites that come highly recommended if you want more information. I promise - you'll be amazed at how many misconceptions there are about "health" foods.

Weston A. Price Foundation - a super comprehensive look at all of these issues and more!

Health Begins with Mom - a GREAT place to start. On the left sidebar there are links to some very helpful posts to start reading if you're just starting to research.

Breadbeckers - my current source for grains, honey and honey granules.

One last note, for the sake of full disclosure. These things I listed are all goals. I am certainly not perfect and do not adhere to these things 100% of the time. They are my goals and I would say they occur about 75% of the time. Any mom is just as busy as I am and the balance between healthy foods, your budget and convenience is often a challenge. I don't always succeed.

For example, tonight we are having Tuna Helper for dinner! Oops.


Erica W said...

What is wrong with the milks like Horizon... I thought those were lacking some the the added in hormones that are making girls 'progress' faster than they should?
Just curious...

Christina said...

Yes, they are lacking the bad hormones that aren't good for anyone - especially young children. But, the issue is that those milks are "ultra-pasteurized"

Ultra pasteurized milks are shelf stable and don't actually have to be refrigerated before they are opened. The "ultra" means that the milk was heated to super high temps and for longer than just "pasteurized" milk. The extra heating does more than just kill the link I provided for more info.

I know some of the other girls drink raw milk (straight from the cow - unpasteurized) but that isn't something I do. Instead, I try to stick to organic, pasteurized.

ChezDeshotels said...

Thansk so much for this topic, Krista has been a huge source of information to me in my learning process. Here are some things I do ...
we take Cod Liver oil, both my girls drink raw goat's milk and eat raw yogurt, I might add that my 8 month old was saved by goat's milk. I was only able to nurse for 3 months and then my supply dried up and she was horribly ill on formula. After many doctors appointments she is severely allergic to cows milk, rice, soy (which I never used with her)just to name some. Raw goats milk has been the reason she stpped violently throwing up and screaming. Anyway I would like to grind/mill my own flour I haven't jumped out there yet but I do use only Esekial bread which is sprouted live grains. We juice veggies and fruits and I use organic free range chicken and beef we also growm many of our own organic veggies. I use nothing with msg or stuff like that BUT...I will say that I am like Christina I am not perfect and yep we have gone to MCDonalds on occasion and when my week is crazy we have used some convienience foods as well but I figure any step in the right direction is better than none:) I can't wait to hear more form others hope they can post (thanks Christina)

Leah said...

Do you have a wheat mill, Christina? What bread recipe do you use?

KC said...

I have to say that grinding wheat to make my own bread has changed our life! It really is better in so many ways! My husband simply likes the taste better and I like having control over the ingredients that go in my bread.

I use the wheat for other things too! I use it for breading on meats, gravies, cakes, muffins, pancakes...the list goes on and on.

We are Cod Liver Oil fans here too! I have been giving it to my son since he was 5 months old (he's 10 months now) and he LOVES it. Practically begs me to give it to him each morning.

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