Payneful Birthday Memories

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Samuel's First Birthday was SUPER low-key. We had cupcakes and ice cream with the neighbor kids. There wasn't really a theme or decorations because he had no idea what was going on. The cupcakes were a chocolate cake mix and a can of pureed pumpkin - they are super moist and delicious. The presents he got from the neighbors were a few hand-me-down toys (which we still have!).

Samuel's second birthday was celebrated with a friend. But since the party wasn't until a few days after his actual birthday, we had a little celebration at home. I asked Samuel what he wanted to have for his birthday, and his answer was "Ice and Abbie". We had his friend over for lunch at our house and used some left-over decorations from a party we had had earlier in the summer! Then for the birthday party, we had a luau-themed party with our church family in our pastor's backyard. We bought some beach decorations, had a surfing competition for the adults (a board balanced on a rolling pin), and filled the kiddie pool with water.

Samuel's 3rd birthday was just this past month. I let him pick the theme this year - Dinosaurs. I bought invitations and decorations at Party City (I had a $10 off a $30 purchase coupon that worked out nicely!). His party was the weekend after I got home from my surgery, so I wasn't able to do much. My mom helped A LOT! We cut up fresh fruits and veggies, grilled hot dogs & ate cake and ice cream. My mom and I made his cake after looking up ideas on-line.

Joel's 1st birthday was celebrated with the other two boys in our church family who are about 1 month older than him. We had a birthday party with our church family at one of the boy's houses. Our theme was "Jungle". One mom decorated, one mom made the little cakes for the birthday boys, and I made the party cake. We had a baby picture contest - everyone brought their baby picture, we taped them up on a wall, and then everyone voted for different categories. I won "Grooviest Baby" and Samuel won "Messiest Baby". There were a lot of fun categories and everyone had a good laugh.

And since Joel's birthday didn't until a couple weeks after his party, we celebrated the day by taking him downtown to the zoo and then to Ed Debevic's for lunch and ice cream.

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