Tour of Homes 2009

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This week we are going to have a little fun posting our favorite decorated room in our homes. I am set to start us off for this "Tour of Homes 2009." I am so excited about mine because it was a task that took 3 1/2 months to finish and we love the finished product!

In May we started a room make-over project for the kid's rooms. We moved Matthew Ray to his own room and put the girls together. We had some amazing friends from FSU come and visit and they helped us tackle our project!!

This is how it all began....
The finished product:
The beds took the longest...we ordered them from a carpenter who took pictures from Ikea and Pottery Barn Kids and created this version! We love, love, love them!!!
Since these pics were taken we have added very trendy white stools to their the time of this writing the room is a disaster so these pics will do! :)
Matthew Ray now has his own room which didn't take long at all...we just painted a pink wall chocalate brown, ordered new bedding for him and added his name. Boys are so easy!

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Check out The Webels said...

Cute rooms! My girls have the same pink kitchen! We only had 2 choices where we live and that was the better of the two! We do have problems keeping the doors closed on it! :)

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