Tour of "Mommy's House"

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First off, when I was taking these pictures I felt very silly! I thought, "No one wants to see what our little townhouse looks like!" But then I remembered how I myself love to see other people's homes, simply because I'm nosy! I'm hoping there are at least a couple of you out there that are nosy like me.

Secondly, the title of this post just made me smile when I thought of it. Will calls our house, "Mommy's house." Not Will or Adeline and especially not Daddy; just "Mommy's House." Our neighborhood is also "Mommy's neighborhood."

Ok, onto the real post. The first picture above is simply for comparison. It was clearly taken PRE-kids. Two of the five pieces of furniture above have been kicked out due to space/safety issues since having kids. I think we took this picture right after we painted the living room GREEN. (Herbal Garden by Behr, in case you are wondering.)

I didn't repost any pictures of my current green living room, but you can see them in last week's post on toy organization, here.

I love to do a seasonal centerpiece, but I am lazy and don't have a lot of money. This year I had the idea to pile little pumpkins (from a HUGE bag that cost $1 at Target after Halloween) in my trifle bowl! A larger pumpkin and jar of candy corn make up this year's Fall centerpiece!

I can take ZERO credit for this one. My mother in law (Hey Gigi!) made this banner with my kids on Saturday night when she babysat. It is made of paper, folded over some twine-like string and decorated with leaf and acorn shapes. Buttons are glued on to spell out, "Give Thanks."

Here is a close up (a bad one!). Fun side notes is that she used those same leaf and acorn shapes for our rehearsal dinner invitations five years ago! (We got married in October!) How cute is this little banner??

Our bedroom, complete with the pack n' play for the little girl that I keep. The bedding is about 4 years old now, but I still love it. The furniture was my grandparents and is quite old. It's been mine since I was 9!

Our "master" bath. It is quite small, but it is attached to our room, thus giving it a "master bath" title. Nothing special in there, although the flooring is kind of exciting. It came with CARPET (all of our bathrooms did) and we replaced it with a remnant from a redo my parents did in the home I grew up in.

Other view of the room.

Adeline's room that was never meant to be her room. She was born in March of 2008, the same month we put our house on the market. She was sleeping in our room and this room was half baby (only a changing table and rocker) and half office. Eventually we shoved a pack n' play in the office too after she got kicked out of our room. Again after that, I got tired of the "half nursery" and we shuffled rooms around again. Here we are 20 months later and the house isn't sold and her room has slowly become a pink, girly room!

One remnant of the old office is the world map still hanging on her wall! The bookshelf in her room was also used by Will in his nursery and was made for my Dad by my Great Uncle about 70 years ago!
Adeline's curtain was a $5 pottery barn steal from the PB outlet in TX (Hey JoNeel!). The afghan hanging on her rocker was given to me as an infant.

Will's room (the color is definitely not this bright - my camera was dropped by a certain 20 month old this week...and its been a little funny)! You can see his little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree he is getting to decorate this Christmas - just added this week.

I updated his room a little recently with some Nemo prints on the walls, the rocket stuffed animal thing and a photo board.

The kids bathroom is even smaller than ours! This curtain is from Target and I went with the animal theme in the bathroom.

My favorite part are these real animal pics taken by my mother in law in Kenya! The kids really like them too.
I hope you made it through all those pictures! You can be nosy and ask questions. Or even better, you can let me be nosy and post a link to your blog where you give a tour of YOUR home!


Leah said...

I have always loved your house. So cute!

And it is funny that Adeline's initials are "Arg" - you could definitely go with a pirate theme at some point! :) Ha, ha.

ChezDeshotels said...


I love the home tour and if you are interested you can see our house at ( it is the current post)coming soon we will have the holiday tour


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