Card Table Playhouse

Posted by  | Sunday, December 6, 2009  at 11:59 PM  

I just finished this little project to give as a Christmas present. I copied the idea from Jen. You can see the inspiration piece here.

I love this playhouse because it is cute and fun and can easily be stored away when it's not being used. This is a great alternative to one of the hard plastic playhouses. I'm planning on making another one for my guys for Christmas.

Jen made her playhouse out of felt (you can buy it by the yard at the fabric store). I decided to make mine out of bedsheets that I bought at the Salvation Army. I used a Salvation Army tablecloth for the top. I did buy felt to make the windows and door because I wanted a fabric I could cut and not hem.

Here's a peak at the inside:

I don't think the project takes a lot of explaining. Please ask for more detailed "how to" instructions if you are interested. I just measured and cut each side and top and then sewed them together. I know Jen used fusible web to make hers. And she sewed pockets on the inside to store toys.

If you want even more inspiration, check out Jen's Bunk Bed Playhouse. A-dorable!!

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The Coxes said...

So cute Leah! I was going to make one for Christmas too but I think I've run out of time.

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