How to Advent Paper Chain

Posted by  | Tuesday, December 8, 2009  at 7:00 AM  
Obviously, this is not an expert level craft! But, this is the first year we've made one and it has been fun. I'm holding out to purchase the Noel Piper Advent Calendar, but it still is not available again. (This is a picture of it, from my sister in law. It's super simple, but I just love it.)

Instead of purchasing or making something else more expensive, I decided to do a paper chain. I think the "how-to's" of cutting and gluing the paper is pretty easy.

But, I will give you some resources for verses to include on each link. Each night my kids remove one link and we read the verses together. To help my son stay focused we've been giving him words to listen for in the scripture. He raises his hand when he hears the word and then talk about what that words means after we read the scripture.

You visit this site for some printable links with verses for your advent chain (you can start today - you've still got 18 days left, right?). Also, the Girl Talk bloggers linked this resource as a list of verses they have used for an advent paper chain.

(You can see our paper chain first hung on our mantle until it was short enough to hand vertically!)

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Krista said...

Christina, I like your stockings - we have the same ones :).

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