How to Make...Silhouette Pictures

Posted by  | Wednesday, December 9, 2009  at 7:00 AM  
Step 1. Start with two ridiculously cute children. Turn on the television so they will stand very still while you capture a good profile shot.

Ok, seriously. I recently made these silhouette pictures for a Christmas gift. (I don't think this person reads POH, so hopefully I'm safe. Although, if they do I feel certain they will know right away the gift is for them as they have an entire collection of antique silhouette portraits.)
A while ago on POH, I posted the directions from Design Sponge. You can find those here.
But, I didn't really follow those directions. Like always, I made it up as I went and I think they turned out pretty well!!

Here are a few (very rough) steps you can take:
1. I used Picasa to print 3.5x5 size prints of my pictures above. I wanted that size so the sillhouettes would almost fill the 3.5x5 frames I had gotten. I printed them on regular copy paper.
2. I cut out the picture (not the silhouette shape). Then I taped it to my black cardstock. I then used tiny scissors (really for embroidery, guess they're ruined now!) and an exacto knife to cut around the kids' silhouettes. I did my son's first and it took two tries to get it right. I made one cut too quickly and his nose was quite pointy. :)
3. I glued the black silhouettes to off white card stock that was cut to fit my frames. I wrote each child's name and the year in the bottom right corner. Voila!
A few other notes:
-The Design Sponge directions use tracing paper and I can see how this would be very helpful, but I was trying to not spend any additional money!
-The Design Sponge directions also suggest that you follow detailing in the hair for an authentic look. I decided to disregard my daughter's mullet wisps (you can see them in her picture). However, if your daughter actually had hair, I could imagine this would be cute!
-This project only took me about an hour, with my kids awake!


Christy said...

I love how you denote the time! We all know that an hour with kids awake is very different than an hour during naptime!

They look great! I've always been leery that those things actually look like the people they're supposed to be but I could see Adeline and Will immediately. Great job!

Alisa said...

Love this! Is the glass container holding the candy canes etched by chance?(=

Amy said...

I'm so thrilled to see this. I have been clueless what to get someone, and this is the perfect gift. What a great idea.

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