Merry Christmas!!

Posted by  | Tuesday, December 22, 2009  at 1:29 PM  
Just wanted to leave a quick note to check in with everyone. I think we're going to take the rewind week off too. :) I haven't had a single moment to get those scheduled. We're really wanting to spend every moment we can this week with our family. Some are here from Colorado and some are here for a few more weeks before a big move to India. We were at the beach this past weekend for 3 days and that was so fun! I hardly touched a computer - it was a nice break.

I know the other POH gals are super busy too. Will you all pray for Leah? She had the third surgery for her colitis today. She's hoping things will go smoothly and she'll be home on Christmas.

If you want to see any past REWINDS - you can check them all out here. Remember, rewinds are some of our most popular (and sometimes controversial :) posts.

In the meantime, keep posting topic suggestions on the post below. We'd love to get a few more.

Stay tuned next week - we will be having the Christmas Tour of Homes. Take pictures of your homes as well before you take down those decorations! We'd love to see them! (Ok, maybe I can speak for everyone, but I know that I'd love to see them. :)

Merry Christmas!

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