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Here's a funny story to distract you from the fact that none of us have posted our Christmas pictures yet! :)

This is from the blog of a friend of my moms. She is a really funny lady and this story is just hilarious. Enjoy!


The first year of my marriage it would have been an understatement to say I had not mastered the culinary arts. I actually burned myself almost daily on our stove. Concerned friends would inquire about my new wounds and were sadly entertained by how I recieved them. It came to the point that a couple from church invited us over so I could amuse their guests with my crazy kitchen encounters. They would simply have to ask “Oh, is that a new burn” and leave the room for host duties while I would tell my ill fated stories.

A dinner favorite was when I almost set my house on fire. We had invited our first guest, a couple for dinner and thought fondue would be fun to make. My husband made a quick trip to the store while I was left making final preparations for our guest. I filled the fondue pot with oil and I thought maybe I should heat it up on the stove first. In a matter of minutes of putting it on the stove flames shot up from the pot (not knowing there was a hole near the top). I didn’t panic right away because the fire was contained on top of the stove. I opened all the windows to let the smoke out. I then decided to try and put it out myself. We didn’t own a fire extinguisher so I decided to call the non-emergency number to the fire department and ask for advice.

A Fireman answered my call and I asked, “How would you extinguish flames shooting out of a pot of oil on a stove?” He asked, “Lady, do you have flames shooting out of a pot on the stove because that could get serious quick?” Avoiding the question I added, “Well, I was just wondering what you would do?” He suggested that I smother it out with a bigger pot. After we talked I found a much larger pot and placed it over the fondue pot. After thinking a sufficient amount of time had gone by to snuff-out something, I cautiously took the larger pot off. To my surprise the flames shot up even higher. I decided to call back the Fire Department and said, “Yes, I called earlier about a pot on the stove scenario”. He said, “Yes, I was the Fireman you spoke with.” “Well, what if the large pot didn’t work?” I asked. He said, “What’s your address? We need to come to your house, if you have a fire, lady!” Thinking about my guest arriving with the embarrassment of a fire truck outside my door, I asked if he could please have someone bring a fire extinguisher in a car. He demanded the address and I gave it to him.

I waited by the garage door from inside the kitchen. But just as I feared, there soon was a parade of flashing lights roaring up our street with my husband following the band of emergency vehicles to our home. The first to arrive was a fireman. I pointed to the pot of burning oil and he examined it for a second. He then turned off the electric burner. “Maybe I should have checked that first”, I said shamefully. By now our guest had wandered in, curious about all the commotion. Our home looked like Grand Central Station. After the pot was disposed of, the fireman had a paper for me to sign. I told him, “I hope it wasn’t a bill, because I only ordered a car and extinguisher.” He looked at me and shook his head and said, “No, Lady, we don’t charge but I do believe we will be talking about this for sometime.”

Needless to say, we now have a fire extinguisher on hand. Think of me when you’re buying a wedding gift. A fire extinguisher just might make a great gift for a young couple.

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