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I hope you all had a great Christmas. Like Leah, I thought it would be fun to look back over my 2009 resolutions and see how I did. I'm kind of scared to post the progress (or lack of progress). Sidenote - the Christmas pictures in this post are me lamenting the fact that we skipped the Christmas Tour of Homes week. I was so looking forward to that week - but I guess we all got a little busy. Just a little...

My 2009 Resolution Updates:

1. Stop procrastinating - Umm, this will likely always be a struggle for me.

2. 5am Club consistency - Does 6am club count? That's pretty much my wake up time. But I think I'm ok with 6am. It gives me time to do what I need to do. The holidays really ruined this for me as I got used to staying up super late to finish projects, wrap presents or cook and then had trouble waking up with my alarm.

3. Improve homemaking skills - Although this isn't measurable, I do think I've improved some systems in this area. A new system has recently simplified my laundry.

4. Find balance with coupons and bargain shopping - It's funny to me that a year ago I was worried about spending too much time on this and lately I've felt as though I needed to devote a little more time to it. I've been a little slack in using my coupons and have had many weeks lately where I don't use them. I'm starting to feel it in our budget, so its time to buckle down once again.

5. More intentional with friendships - I do think we have done a better job with being intentional about deepening relationships with our friends. Planning these well in advance has allowed us to have several families over for meals each month. We have really enjoyed these times.

6. Intentional sharing our faith with neighbors - Doors have really been opened in this area in the past year and I know more neighbors now than anytime in the past 5 years. I've been able to share some with some little girls in our neighborhood and am building a relationship with their Mom as well. It's fun and exciting!

7. Potty train Will. Done! Well, we still wear pull up at sleep times, but I'm starting to see those days may soon be over! Hooray!

8. Finish baby books for Will and Adeline. Apparently this one has been on my "to-do" list for more than a year now. Still not done.

9. Exercise. Thanks to Jillian Michaels - I had a promising spurt a while ago, but the holidays have stalled that progress. My YMCA membership has been dormant as well.

10. Begin process for overseas work. Excited to report that we've spent the last year trucking through that process and our timeline is currently to move in early 2011.

Now for 2010...

First of all - 10 resolutions is ridiculous. All of these things I've listed are processes and not really measurable goals. This year I'm sticking to 3. I like that number much better. I'm also going to have measurable goals.

1. Finish baby books for Will and Adeline.

2. Exercise at least 4 times per week for at least 20 minutes (the length of Jillian's 30 Day Shred video).

3. Lose 30 pounds. I am TERRIFIED to publicly post this goal, but there it is! The past two years have brought some health issues that have contributed to some significant weight gain for me. But those issues are long gone and now I'm hanging on to that weight - plus whatever I had gained from pregnancies. 30 pounds over a year is about 2.5 pounds per month. I'm working on my plan to do this right now. Exercise is going to be one of the biggest ways I do this.

Anyone else setting some serious health goals this year? Whether weight loss, healthy eating, exercise, etc? Please tell me I'm not alone... :)
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Margaret, Ben, Meredith and Jonathan said...

Ummmm...I'm in the 8:00am wake up club! (Does it make a difference that that is still well before the sunrise here in Scotland?) So my only goal this year is to get up earlier - I mean like 7am. So, you are still doing great as far as I'm concerned Christina!

ChezDeshotels said...

yes I am impressed as well with your wake up I get up about 6:30 and work out and my early riser gets up at 7am. As far as the weight loss, nope not alone I am there as well and for the same resons you are a pregnancy and medication caused significant weight gain so I am on an exercise mission as well as an diet overhall but things seem to be going well in the first week of the year:)

Dinglefest said...

Way to go, Christina! I'm not setting resolutions this year, but I did see major progress in my health goals last year, as I posted on our blog earlier this evening. So you're not the only one!

Jenn said...

Christina, Are you a member of the Kerr YMCA, if so, I attend classes there a few days a week and leave the kids in the nursery. Would love a partner!!! Let me know. Jenn Ferguson

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