Leah's Resolutions for 2010

Posted by  | Monday, January 4, 2010  at 6:00 AM  
Before I list my 2010 Resolutions, I wanted to revisit my 2009 resolutions and see how I did. Here's the rundown:
-Read through the Bible, noting God's mercy and compassion. Didn't do.
-Spend $50 or less average on groceries each week. Accomplished.
-Take my prenatal vitamin, fiber supplement, and use my estrogen supplement. No longer necessary.
-Continue to limit my time on the computer. Accomplished.
-Stop watching Grey's Anatomy. Accomplished.
-Be intimate with my husband __ times/week. Needs work.
-Write things in the checkbook. We went to an all cash system.
-Do Quicken. Didn't do.
-Ask Ed before spending money. Resolved with our cash envelope system.
-Keep a short prayer list in my Bible and pray for them daily. Didn't do.
-Do memory verse with Samuel. Accomplished (AWANA helped greatly).
-Make cleaning schedule and STICK TO IT. Didn't do.
-Actively find ways to respect Ed. Needs work.
I had a rough year healthwise that made a few of these tough to work on. But there are a few that I just dropped the ball on.

So here are my resolutions for 2010. I have one for Mind, one for Body, one for Spirit, and one for Family.

Mind: Read six parenting books (1 every 2 months).
Body: Spend the first six months of 2010 healing and adjusting to my new digestive track. Spend the last six months building up an exercise routine (walking regularly and lifting light weights at home to tone).
Spirit: Stick to a read through the Bible schedule and keep a short prayer list in my Bible to pray daily (trying this one again!).
Family: Make a family Scripture Memory System box and work on it regularly.
And one more: Send a birthday card to each family member/close friend this year.

Do you make resolutions? Do you want to share any of yours with us? Do you have any questions about mine? Let me know!


Christy said...

Thanks for sharing, Leah! If you're looking for a good workout video I highly recommend Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. My hubby and I got it just before Christmas and it's been sooo good for both of us! It's $10 on Amazon.

Shannon Bradley said...

We LOVE the envelope system! It has worked beautifully for us!

Enjoyed reading your resolutions! Thanks for posting :)

Meg said...

We have also really benefited from the cash envelope system. I recommend it to everyone!

Becky said...

Can you tell us more information about the "cash envelope system?" My husband and I are looking for better and easier ways to budget- especially on groceries. You can email me at bmc1976@gmail.com if you don't want to post it back here. thanks!
Becky (I used to work with you all at Franklin Academy)

KC said...

Yeah, I wanna know more about the budget system too!

Meg said...

The best advice that I've read on the envelope system (or any other financial advice for that matter :) is in Dave Ramsey's book on Financial Peace or the Total Money Makeover. My library had both books so you could probably check them out at yours. We were always careful with our money, but reading his book helped us see that we could do sooo much better! And the envelope system is a lot easier than the way we used to budget where we had to save every receipt and type it in, etc. We basically withdraw cash every month for all our expenses and place it in various envelopes (grocery, car repairs, clothes, etc.) If the money isn't in the envelope, than we simply don't spend it! Very easy, but you have to be committed to not use your credit card in a pinch or it is pointless :)

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