My Bible Study System

Posted by  | Thursday, January 21, 2010  at 4:25 PM  
I guess I have a very basic system for studying the Bible. I use a program that my husband has called QuickVerse. With it you can customize your own bible study reading plan. I used to have a very detailed one where I was reading the Old and New Testaments, plus the Psalms and Proverbs each daily. Sadly, they upgraded their program and I now think it is entirely too complicated to customize a plan like the one I had. So, this year I had to simplify and I'm reading through the Old Testament once this year and the New Testament twice. I'm trying to add the Psalms and Proverbs on my own, but I really miss having them in the plan! I like organization! But, even without Quickverse, there are a number of bible reading plans online. Just do a simple search and you'll find many out there (or some Bibles even come with a plan in it already). I don't find this to be a lot of reading at all, and I'm also trying to get ahead, as we are expecting our third child this summer and I'm sure to get a little behind with all the newborn craziness. But, even if I get off track (as I did last fall when we moved to Scotland), I still try to remain in the Word every day. If I have questions, or run across something interesting or something I haven't noticed before, I spend extra time studying that particular topic and looking it up in various commentaries (I have really loved the Focus on the Bible commentary series by Dale Ralph Davis. I've read several of these and love how they supplement my Old Testament Reading.)

I also don't get hung up on what particular time I do devotions. I hear all the time that doing devotions early in the morning is best and I've tried it and can't stick with it. It might be best for some people, but I'm simply not a morning person and never have been. I usually read during my kid's naptime or at night once they go to bed. This has worked for me for years and I'm sticking with it. Time in the Word never returns void!

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