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Have you ever heard of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF)? Per their website:

BSF is a comprehensive inter-denominational Bible study program aimed to help you gain a practical understanding of this important book. Held each week in 36 countries around the world, BSF International began in a California living room a half-century ago. BSF has grown to include compelling classes for women, men, young singles, and children all around the world. In all, there are nearly 1,000 BSF classes with 200,000 class members in more than 30 nations across six continents! Over 800 of the classes are held in the U.S.

I am part of a local BSF group that meets on Chicago's North Shore. The daytime group is open to women only and includes a great children's program that both of my boys attend. BSF operates on an 8-year cycle (they are adding a new study next year).

The 8 studies are:
Acts of the Apostles
History of Israel and the Minor Prophets
The Life of Moses

What makes BSF unique today is what made BSF unique in that first Bible study more than 50 years ago: a Four-Fold Approach to learning. BSF studies throughout the U.S. and around the world all utilize these four elements:

Daily questions for individual Bible study
Discussion groups
Challenging lectures
Study notes

I started BSF in the Fall with the John study. We meet every Thursday morning according to a school-year calendar. Each week I read the assigned section of John, answer 6 days worth of questions, attend a small-group discussion session of those questions, attend a large-group lecture about the section, and then read about 8 pages of great notes about the section.

I recommend this study to someone who likes to study the Bible in-depth and a book at a time. You need to be able to commit time to this study (about 30 min/day and 2 hours/week for the weekly meeting).

The other SUPER great thing about attending BSF is their children's program. The children learn from the same section of Scripture, have worship time, time for "quiet reflection" and guided play by great trained teachers.

If you'd like to know more about BSF, check out the BSF website. Or use their search to locate a class near you.


mzyelle said...

I go to BSF and love it! It really is great for children too! They started allowing little babies this year and it is such a blessing.

Jenny said...

I have personally not had the opportunity to attend, but my late Grandmother never missed a meeting! It truly enhanced her walk with the Lord:)

Carol said...

This is my 7th year of BSF; I've really enjoyed it thoroughly. It's very in depth and you learn a lot.

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