Flip and Econobum

Posted by  | Thursday, March 4, 2010  at 4:04 PM  
Right now I am cloth diapering with Flip and Econobum dipes. I really like them! They are super easy. . . and super affordable for someone wanting to get started with cloth without a huge investment. I would definitely recommend this option for somone wanting to get into cloth.

Another diaper I used a lot when the boys were smaller was the BumGenius! all-in-one. Of all the cloth dipes I've ever tried, this is one of my favorite. The downside is they are expensive because they are not a one-size diaper.

Overall, I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to try so many different cloth diapers on my kiddos. So, POH readers, if you have questions about specific dipes, please post a comment and we will do our best to give you the most thorough answer possible.


Holly said...

I tried the Flip dipes but didn't really care for them. I know a lot of people like them though!

Beth Anne said...

I would be interested in hearing what specifically Krista liked about Flip and Holly did not like.

I have been using Bum genius One size for a year on my daughter but was thinking about getting a few flip to try.

Krista said...

Flip and EB are different diaper system - one with a wrap (cover) and inserts - and I really like the ease of this system. I like not having to stuff a pocket diaper (actually, I really enjoyed folding/stuffing dipes with my first child but there's no way to do that timewise with 3 little ones now). I like that I can just toss a wet insert in the diaper pail and reuse the cover over and over throughout the day (which can save money and the environment). I like the options you have with what to use as inserts - you could make your own inserts as well as mix 'n match Flip and EB inserts. I like how quickly they line dry. And I like how affordable they are. I enjoy having choices and variety in my cloth and, with the prices of the day pack, it makes this diaper system affordable to try even alongside other diapering systems.

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