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I posted this diaper the other day when I wrote about the BumGenius deals out right now. I posted it for a reason. I'm IN LOVE with snap diapers. Here's my latest with cloth diapers:

I've definitely been more sporadic in my use of cloth with Adeline than I was with Will at this age. Partly because I can get disposables so cheap these days with coupons. I still buy disposables for night time, church and sometimes naps. I'm getting back to using cloth out of the house with her too - but the problem is that I've realized she's outgrown many of our easier cloth diapers.

Not too long ago I had to retire 8 of our BumGenius one size diapers because the velcro was useless. Her diapers fell off of her often because the velcro didn't hold! I called CottonBabies and they graciously sent me repair kits, but I was still disappointed that I had diapers that didn't even make it through one child. I should add that I have other snap diapers (mainly Fuzzi Bunz) that I bought used with Will and they are STILL going strong. So I lost those 8 diapers a few months ago. I did buy 3 Thirsties All-in-Ones when I found a great sale, but still short 5 diapers.

I was getting ready to sell my BumGenius (in order to buy more pockets or all-in-ones) when I found out about snap conversions! I found this gal who will convert all of my old velcro BumGenius to SNAPS!!!!! This what they'll look like - except different snap colors:

(picture from Heather at Convert My Diapers)

You see, I LOVE BumGenius one size in every way - except the velcro. The diaper pictured up top is a BumGenius Organic AIO and it snaps. BUT, its not one size AND it's $25!! Too much for me. So, for $3.50 per diaper, I'm having those old BumGenius made to snap!

I've just mailed my diapers to her, so I can let you know when I get them back if I'm still 100% excited about it. I suspect I will be. :)

In addition to this, I've realized that Adeline has outgrown her prefolds! They are the biggest size I have and Will never came close to outgrowing them! I can still fold them in thirds and lay them in a cover, but they don't fit around her anymore very well. I'm getting ready to use those coupons I wrote about before to try out the Flip covers that Krista mentioned. They SNAP and I think they'll work great with our too-small-but-folded prefolds.

In short, I still love cloth diapers. I'm excited about getting my 8 diapers back in snap form and think that will really help me stay strong in using cloth all day long whether we are home or not!


Amy said...

This is such fantastic news to me! I have a TON of velcro diapers that I would LOVE to be snaps but just don't know how to do them. They still have a lot of life to them. I can't wait to check this lady out. Thanks so much for sharing.

Courtney said...

I have a lady at church who is going to help me convert mine. I can't wait to get started!!!

Shannon said...

Wow, $3.50 per diaper seems like a pretty good deal to have them converted! I'm glad you found out about her. I think it's a good idea to use the Flip covers too, with the PF folded and laid inside.

Meg said...

I'm pumped about this too, because all of my BG's have the velcro coming off!

Terra Jones said...

This has been on my to-do list for about a year (converting the BG's I loathe to snaps)...still on the list, lol...I just save them for very last to use and hope we don't make it to the bottom of the stash, lol ;-)

Bekah said...

I love snaps too, but I just wanted to point out that bumGenius Organic AIO's are indeed One-Size! They're a favorite of ours!

Bekah said...

I love snaps too, but I just wanted to point out that bumGenius Organic AIO's are indeed One-Size! They're a favorite of ours!

Christina said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I honestly didn't even know CB made a snap diaper until about two weeks ago. I guess I just haven't bought new diapers in such a long time, I was out of the loop! I honestly didn't even read closely or look at the picture very closely either! :)

I still can't do $25/diaper right now though - otherwise, I'd probably redo my entire diaper stash with these diapers.

Are you the Bekah that works for CB? Maybe we could do a OS AIO snap giveaway?? :) We've got a lot of snap-lovin' mamas apparently! :)

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