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Posted by  | Friday, March 5, 2010  at 5:14 PM  
Just wanted to give you an update on the Carson's diapering status second time around. We used disposibles until Mattie was about four and a half months. I was given a lot of disposibles at showers, so I had no intentions of starting cloth until those little sizes were used up.

With my firstborn, we used prefolds, snug-to-fit diapers, bumgenius, one pocket diaper, bummis super whisper wraps, wool covers, and one interlock cover. With my second, we added a few thirsties fitteds in cute colors, and three fuzzibuns (thank you Shannon!). I got out the prefolds and the snug-to-fits that I bought from Green Mountain Diapers with my firstborn. I only bought two new snug-to-fits from GMD's and the rest I bought used from ebay for a fraction of the cost. Although I was especially thrilled by my steal of a deal on these cotton cloth fitteds at the time of purchase, I was NOT excited to see that they didn't hold up well for the second child. I knew that when I bought them they probably wouldn't hold up, but just forgot about that little tidbit. They were really on their third life of diapering, so I think they held up fairly well. Just be aware that if you decide to buy used, don't always expect the diapers to be available the next time you want to cloth diaper.

Now that Mattie is about 18.5 lbs at six months, we have outgrown our thirsties fitteds/covers and are in need of a bigger size. She has also outgrown the rainbow prefolds that I bought from GMD (they don't sell that size anymore). Mattie isn't quite big enough for the next size up of prefolds that I already have on hand. I have been waiting on our income tax returns, so we could purchase more diapers. Will I choose a different diaper this time?

This time around I am wanting to order at least one envibum and possibly try converting some of my prefolds into fitteds myself (you know, with all that spare time I have on hand now ). There are several patterns out there that I find appealing. I really like on in particular, but I don't have a serger, so that sends me searching for another pattern. I also want to try dying the converted prefolds to all different colors. First time around, I was able to resist all the cute colors and prints, telling myself that it's just a diaper. Deep down I really wanted all the cuteness a diaper could offer. This time around, I'm definitely going to aim in getting some cute colors on my girl.

We have some wool covers, but I haven't been able to use them since they are more summer-ish. I'm afraid they won't fit come summer, so I will probably sell them. And really, this time around, I'm aiming for trimness more than anything. I am not as into wool as I once was, although wool covers are adorable!


The Hudgins said...

this is like a foreign language to me. but to many i know it's like a hobby. i'd just rather clip coupons and get great deals on disposables...but i do like reading about all the different types...you are very industrious holls! miss you!

Hugh & Hollie Carson said...

Seriously, when I was first looking into cloth, I was COMPLETELY LOST with all the fun-bum words, but even more, when they used shorthand on diaperswappers.com, I remember saying outloud in my frustration "WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!!!??! I don't understand what this lady is saying." But since I was interested, I plugged away at it and finally figured it out.

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