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Tips for Traveling with Kids: By Lauren Papa

My sister-in-law has traveled more than anyone else I know when her infant this past year. Her husband, Matt Papa, is a Christian Musician, and they travel all over the United States. She has flown a few times, and here's her advice for flying with an infant.


1. Pack as light as possible. This is not the time you want to bring EVERY single toy and baby item your child MIGHT POSSIBLY need. Stick to the basics!! Seriously! Bring a few toys or books or activities, depending on your child's age; beyond that, make the world your playground and find creative ways to entertain your kids!

2. Leave at least 30 min. before you think you should. With kids, getting around an airport is always slower. Don't count on making record time to catch your flight. Giving yourself plenty of time will make the experience much more peaceful and enjoyable for you and your children.

3. Know that you have the option to check your carseat. Most airlines will let you check your car seat for FREE. From experience, this is much easier than gate-checking it; unless you have purchased a seat for your infant and will be using the car seat on the flight.

**SPECIAL NOTE: If you check your car seat, be sure that you either bring a cover/bag from home or ASK THE AIRLINE to provide you with a large plastic bag to put it in. Why? Because it will get tossed and thrown and dropped and most importantly, it will touch all sorts of dirty surfaces. So go the safe, sanitary route and keep it covered!

4. Don't stress about going through security. Stress will only slow you down because you're so worked up. Take a deep breath and just know that it will take you a little extra time than the expert business traveler with nothing but a briefcase and that is OKAY!!

5. Food and formula/milk. You are allowed to bring food, water, milk, and formula through security for your child. Just be aware that once you have passed through, you will probably be asked to open everything up so that TSA can run a non-invasive litmus test to be sure you're not carrying drugs.

6. Acquire your gate-check tags. As soon as you get to the gate, approach the desk and ask for tags for items you plan to check at the gate. This will save you a little time when boarding and make things faster for those in line behind you.

7. Board early if you like. Traveling will children under age 5 affords you the opportunity to board early with all the special execs and reward members.

Thanks Lauren!!

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Dan and Rachael Davis said...

Lauren, have you had success with asking your airline to provide you with a cover for your car seat when checking it? We've tried that with both Delta and Southwest, and they never have any available - and really, just look at us like we're crazy. We've finally wised up and bring a large black garbage bag. I'm just wondering if there ARE some airlines who will provide that for you at the airport!

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