The Benefits of Being a SAHM

Posted by  | Thursday, July 22, 2010  at 8:19 AM  
Here is a list of things that I'm thankful I get to experience as a SAHM. I often take these for granted, but wanted to reflect here about how great they truly are.

1. Snuggling in the mornings b/c we're not in a rush to get out the door.
2. Getting to laugh all day long at the silly things my boys say.
3. Picking how much/little my boys watch TV.
4. Going on outings to the library, the zoo, the farm.
5. Hanging out with friends for playdates.
6. Going to MOMs group.
7. Reading to my kids throughout the day and watching their vocabulary blossom because of it.
8. Going to the grocery during the day when it isn't as busy.
9. Talking to my kids throughout the day about God and His Creation.
10. Listening to our VBS songs in the van and hearing the boys start to sing along.
11. Getting stuff done during the day/week so that our weekends can be clear to do fun things.
12. Playing with my kids.
13. Getting to go visit my out-of-town parents for a week at a time without having to take vacation days.
14. Having opportunities all day long to teach my children good manners.
15. Being there to answer their questions.
16. Knowing what they've done all day long and helping them tell their dad all about it.
17. Saving money on things I can do around the house since I'm home.
18. Being able to go to BSF, and to take my kids there too for their awesome children's program.
19. Being the one my children spend the most time with.
20. Getting to hug and kiss my boys all day long.

What about you? Do you have any favorites that you'd like to add?


Krista said...

Amen sister! Those are all awesome reasons I love to be home with my kids. Love you friend!!

Keri said...

I love getting to be the person who goes in to get my daughter when she wakes up from her naps! I love how she always gives me a big smile and always seems so happy to see me! Love it!!

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