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HI ladies! It is my week to organize posts on POH and I didn’t think of a fabulous topic so I just have several totally unrelated posts planned. I thought that I’d just start by sharing a little more some of my favorite links and resources. I also have posts planned on some of my favorite natural solutions, how to make your own “moby-style” baby wrap, and hopefully one or two more if I can find the time to organize my thoughts. If there is any other topic you would like me to discuss, please let me know! It is a little intimidating to try to think of a whole week’s worth of posts that you will find helpful, so I’d love suggestions :)

Some favorite blogs:

Passionate Homemaking -- this website might have been mentioned before on POH, but I had to write about it again because it is undoubtedly my favorite source for natural solutions and healthy recipes. Be sure and check out her resources page -- she has great links and articles on everything having to do with living a simple and natural lifestyle.

Raising Homemakers -- this is a newer group blog focused on raising godly daughters that I have recently enjoyed. They share recipes, basic “how-to’s,” and other posts encouraging mothers to teach their daughters basic homemaking skills.

Naturally Knocked Up -- I know, the name of this blog is hilarious :) But this blog really has some fabulous information. After our temporary struggle with infertility, I became very aware that what I put into my body directly affects every aspect of my health, including my fertility. Donielle does a great job of explaining why certain foods are bad for fertility and which foods are good for you. She is constantly researching and sharing what she learns, as well as healthy recipes that she tries out.

Heavenly Homemakers -- I get a lot of healthy recipe ideas from this blog, as well as some gardening, educational and parenting ideas.

Keeper of the Home -- another great blog with healthy recipes and encouraging articles on homemaking, organization, parenting, etc

Other Resources: -- Lots of parenting resources for all ages! We recently purchased the Catechism for young children set and Karis has really enjoyed going through a few questions each day and looking at the corresponding cartoon pictures. They are currently offering a free “If/Then chart” with any order, which we are also using. It has really helped us to keep our discipline consistent, as well as biblical.

ABC Jesus Loves Me -- I know this has been mentioned on POH already, but I’ve just started using the website and have really appreciated the links. I’m not really “doing” the 3 year old curriculum, but I’m using a lot of the ideas and resources mentioned.

Graham Family Ministries -- More parenting, cooking, and educational resources. -- this might seem a little random, but I thought I’d mention it. If you are looking to buy any type of electronics, check here first to find the best deal. I’ve also found great deals on amazon sales, children’s clothing (like Kohl’s and Macy’s), and picture gifts.

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