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Meagan asked me to share how I make my homemade wraps. I had intentions of posting pictures of the instructions but between "couch rest" and the fact that it's really so simple, pictures didn't happen. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away!

Shortly after the birth of our first son, Keaton, we entered the oh-so-joyful world of colic. Nothing would calm this child! While at an appointment one day, I met another seminary mom/wife and she had her baby all snuggled up in fabric and I never heard a peep - meanwhile, Keaton just screamed and screamed and screamed and...well, you get the idea! She told me it was a Moby Wrap and she swore by it - but in the new mommy/sleep deprived fog, I totally forgot the name of this amazing item and it was months until our paths crossed again.

When Keaton was about 6 weeks old, a friend brought over a surprise - a homemade Moby Wrap! I about fainted when I realized that it was the same thing as the other mom had shown me. She quickly gave me a lesson on how to wrap it up and wear my sweet boy in it.

Keaton tolerated it, but wasn't the biggest fan (I've since learned that the longer you wait to put them in a wrap/sling, the harder it is for them to adjust to being back in that snug, warm environment and they may not tolerate it as well - which is what happened with us). It didn't help too much with the colic, but it helped immensely when he wouldn't stop screaming and nothing would work and I felt horrible for just leaving him in the swing or pack & play, crying. I felt like I was atleast trying something!

After a while, I returned her wrap, but was determined to figure out how to make one for whenever another baby came along. Upon searching the internet, I found out that it was entirely too easy to whip up a wrap!

Without further ado:
How To Make a Homemade Moby Wrap
1. Pick out your fabric (A cotton/lycra mix - you want it to have a bit of stretch/give).
2. Get about 6 yards (yes, YARDS) If you feel you may need to get more, go for it.
More fabric is a great thing as you can do different carries and you won't be worrying about not having enough fabric.
3. Wash/Dry your fabric.
4. Fold the fabric in half, length-wise so you have a super, long strip of fabric.
5. Cut the fabric length wise so you now have two super, long strips of fabric.
6. For the easy peasy version, you're done - you have two wraps! Keep them both or share with a friend!

(You can go here to see different wraps you can do with your sweet babies - yes babies! Twins can be carried in a Moby wrap, together! I've never tried, but have had friends who have.)

I used to make and sell these before I started on my doula certification and I would add in a coordinating center panel. The panel didn't do anything more than add some flair to the wrap (and make it easier to find the middle in six yards of fabric!)

When Benjamin was born, I started him out in the wrap from the day we came home from the hospital. He never really dealt with any colic, however he had horrible reflux and being able to remain upright helped him so much! I'd try to lay him in a sling and within seconds, we would both be ...covered ;-) It also helped so much while having two little ones to have him wrapped up and going right along with whatever Keaton and I were doing and, if he wanted to eat, he was right there and had easy access to nurse. These two final pictures show how and where you could usually find Benjamin - asleep in the wrap!


Leah F said...

Thanks, Terra! I have a homemade Moby Wrap that a dear friend gave me, and it really worked wonderfully for my kids. I just found that it could get really hot, and if I waited until I was outside to 'wrap up', really dirty from dragging the ground :-) But my kids both liked it, and I look forward to using it again for #3.
*PS we had a similar issue with my first--she didn't like the moby b/c she was older when she went in it! So start early!

KC said...

I have thought about becoming a doula also. Are you in the area? I would love to chat about what you are doing.

Terra Jones said...

Leah - I agree, early is key!

KC - I'm in Wake Forest (if that's your area) :) Feel free to email me at TerraLJones at gmail.com and we can talk! :)

Rachael Davis said...

I was oh-so-grateful for your loner homemade Moby when Tucker was itty bitty!! Some of my sweetest memories.

Terra Jones said...

Rachael, lol, I tried to "like" your comment, oh dear ;-)

I was more than happy to lend it to you! I'm so glad ya'll were about to get some use out of it!

Nancy Fancy said...

I made a moby wrap and my step son loves it. Hes like in a whole new world observing everything. I even was able to use the bathroom with him still! I love it!

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