How to Make Sparkly Fall Decorations

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Last fall, I came up with an easy fun fall decor. Georgia had just turned three, and like most other girls her age (and much older:-), she loved glitter! I was walking into Target, and found two bags of miniature pumpkins for a very cheap price. I think I paid $1 for each bag. I bought them and brought them home thinking I would decorate with them. And decorate we did!

The process was very simple. I washed off each pumpkin, and covered my dining room table with old towels to protect it. Then Georgia and I decorated the pumpkins with paint and glitter and glue. I had thought we would paint more, but I didn't like the way it turned out, so we switched to glue and glitter. More often than not, I would decorate the pumpkins with the glue, and Georgia would (liberally) apply the glitter. She LOVED it! (Note: the fancier patterns were my handiwork, and I had just as much fun as Georgia)

After letting the pumpkins dry, I put them on an accent tray for a touch of fall 'sparkle' in our dining area.

Georgia also got to take decorated pumpkins to the secretaries in Nathan's building as a Fall "Thinking of You" gift. Those ladies gushed over the pumpkins and proudly displayed them on their desks. I try to give my children opportunities to do things for others, and even something small like this can begin to teach them the importance of generosity.

Now, in case you cannot tell, my pictures are from last year--G was so little then! I have been looking for mini pumpkins this fall, and they haven't come down in price enough yet for me to purchase them. I loved decorating them last year (and Baxter would participate this year), so I know we will be doing it again very soon. I would love to hear about your fall craft ideas!

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Meg said...

Karis would LOVE to decorate pumpkins with glitter! Let m e know if you come across a good deal on pumpkins :)

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