How to Make a Book Page Canvas

Posted by  | Saturday, October 9, 2010  at 1:57 PM  
Okay, so this is cheating a little bit. I am not giving you a tutorial myself, but I am going to send you to this page to find the tutorial for a Book Page Canvas. While you are on this site, you should definitely check out the tutorials she has available. They are simple and elegant, and have many different adaptations. I used her Book Page Canvas tutorial to make a set of sheet music wall hangings for my bathroom. Now, I haven't hung them yet, so you will have to make do with pictures of the finished product:

If you have older children, they can definitely help you with the Mod Podge and gluing, and younger children always enjoy using glitter. I just love the various ways you can adapt it for different rooms or people, just as Margaret did with her Book Page Wreath. I made a small canvas for my daughter Georgia just using music that had "Georgia" in the title. I will try to take a picture and post it later :-) I hope you are all enjoying our crafting ideas. Please share some of your favorites with us!

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