How to make a super easy hair streamer!

Posted by  | Saturday, October 9, 2010  at 2:09 PM  
I love this simple way to make a pony tail festive! Honestly, it is so simple that I was almost embarrassed to post it :) But my girls and I love them so much that I couldn't resist!

Materials needed:
1 regular or child's size hair rubber band (whatever color you choose)
5 thin pieces of ribbon cut into foot long strips

(In case you were wondering, Karis' streamer has five different colored ribbons with varying pink patterns and shades, but you could do just one or two different colored ribbons if you wanted it to be less expensive and it is still cute!)

Directions: Simply tie a knot in the middle of each ribbon around the pony tail so that you have ten ribbons hanging down. So simple!
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Discovering the Me in Mommy said...

The crazy thing is that I've seen people try to sell these for a lot more!

Meg said...

I know! I paid way too much for the first one to see how it was made and I've been kicking myself ever since because it is so cheap to make it myself!! :)

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