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If you have little girls with lots of dress up clothes that are very disorganized, then you will be able to relate to this post. I racked my brain trying to figure out a way to hang my daughter's clothes up on the wall without posing a hazard to poking out eyes.  Also, we needed something that would hang lots of dress up clothes.  I didn't want to take up room in our garage where the overflow of dress up clothes were. 

FINALLY, I came across this little metalware at Hobby Lobby. It was a little over $10, and metalware just happened to be on sale for 50% that day.  As soon as my eyes laid hold of this gadet, I knew it would be perfect. It was JUST what I was looking for.

What's soo cool is that there are three hooks per metal "arm," and there are I think five arms per "rack". I bought three "racks". Think of how many articles of clothing this will hold for a very small space! I really don't know what to call these things, so bear with me please as I talk about these features.  Another super cool feature is that each "arm" is able to move or pivot, so when the girls are looking through what they want to put on, they can move the "arms" aside until they find the dress, hat or scarf they want.

Since the lowest hook is the smallest hook and is somewhat under the umbrella of the larger hooks, I felt that this was very safe for the eyes. This is also hanging beside a bookshelf and beside the side of a door, so there's no running directly beside this.

Since they were metalware and very heavy, I handed the task over to my husband to figure out how to hang them on the wall. He went to Home Depot and bought a beautiful piece of red oak to screw the racks into the wood. He could have gotten a cheaper wood, but knew if he bought a nice slice of wood, he wouldn't have to paint it.

Once he screwed the racks into the wood, we plugged up the hole with wood plugs. He pre-drilled just the right depth of hole for the plug to fit in snugly.

I wanted something that wasn't too tall to where my girls and their friends could clean up after themselves.

I am so pleased with how this came out.

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Rachael Davis said...

Hollie, that's a perfect solution! Oh, I need some of these doo-dads, as Lana's dress up clothes are piled in an ubermessy pile in the corner of her closet right now.

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