Rooms of the House: Kids Laundry

Posted by  | Wednesday, December 1, 2010  at 11:11 PM  
I wanted to share a tip with you today of how I do my kids' laundry. I don't fold much, really. Here's what the laundry looks like when I sort it out of the clean laundry basket:

I put Sam's pants in one drawer, Joel's pants in another, socks and jammies in the top drawer, and undies in the little drawer.

I hang up all their shirts. But I've found a handy shortcut to getting them on hangers and in the closet faster:

Pretty simple, all in all!

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Leah F said...

Great ideas for the boys' clothes, Leah! I may have to incorporate that for Baxter. I would have a hard time doing that for Georgia, as her small closet space will not fit dresses and shirts. But a great idea for the boy in my family! Thanks for sharing.

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