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This week a few of us are going to post our what our weekly schedule looks like. We've done this in the past, but maybe some of our schedules have changed. Here's what mine looks like this week:

Monday: Free Day. We don't have anything scheduled on Mondays. This week we spent the day at a friend's house. The kids played in the basement and I got to hang out with my friend. I actually scrubbed out her shower for her b/c she has a nerve disease and can't scrub very hard. We also chatted about some things we are working on with our kids. At night I had play practice at church for our Christmas program. A woman watched my boys and did a craft with them. They loved it.

Tuesday: Moms Group. We had Moms Group today at church. We are reading the book "Parenting is Heart Work" by Turansky & Miller. This was a recommendation from a POH reader and I suggested it for our Moms Group. I am enjoying the book. We also did an ornament exchange today (you had to pluck an ornament off your tree to trade with someone - no going out and buying anything!). I ran to the grocery with boyth boys after Moms Group b/c I didn't go yesterday. I love the Aldi that's by our church b/c it has the cart with two spots in the front for kids to sit. Tonight I have a Missions committee meeting at church from 7:30 to 9:00.

Wednesday: Free Day. I think I might be babysitting for a friend during the morning - TBD. Other than that, we have no plans!

Thursday: Bible Study Fellowship in the morning. Then we might have lunch at a friend's house. Thursday night is our dress rehearsal for the Christmas play. My boys will have spent a LOT of time at church by the end of the week!

Friday: Nothing in the morning. Friday evening we are going to the local ice center to see a friend's daughter perform her Christmas program.

Saturday: I teach Spanish from 10 to 11:30 for the team that is going to Honduras in April. Saturday night is our Christmas Program at church.

Sunday: The Lord's Day! We go to Big Church at 8:15 and then stay for Sunday School. I have no duties right now! But my husband Ed is teaching the 2&3 year old class. Then we have our Sunday School Christmas party on Sunday evening with a White Elephant exchange (again, something from your home, nothing bought).

A full week for us!! And we will have graced the doors of church almost every day!

So what's missing from my schedule? I'd really like to implement a little bit of structured time doing "Preschool" with Samuel. And I think I'm going to sign the boys up for a park district class in the new year (Grandma's gift to each of the boys).

What's your next week or two look like? Care to share? E-mail us and we'll post your schedule here.

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Turansky/Miller said...

Hi Leah,

I'm glad you're enjoying our book. Thanks for sharing about it on your blog. I wish you the best as you help your family grow in the Lord. --Scott Turansky

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