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Posted by  | Wednesday, December 15, 2010  at 7:45 AM  
The holiday season is such a fun season! But it can potentially get really busy, so I try to work hard to keep a balance between fun holiday activities and sticking to our normal routine that keeps us sane :) Here is a quick run-down on what this week looks like for the girls and I:

Monday: Like I mentioned in my last post, I am super blessed every other week by a young teenage girl who comes to play with my girls all morning so that I can get things accomplished. This week, her sweet Mom offered to tag along so that I could actually leave the house and get some Christmas shopping done by myself! How fun! I had actually completed just about all of my shopping online already (yay for great online deals!) so I really didn't have much of an agenda -- just browse around for fun stocking stuffers and do my grocery shopping for the week in peace. Oh, how nice! When I got back, the girls napped and then we did our holiday activity for the day (decorating Christmas cookies) and then fixed dinner.

Tuesday: We stayed at home and kept to our normal routine -- lots of laundry, dishes, reading together, singing Christmas songs, and playing with baby dolls and holiday decorations. We were going to make cinnamon- applesauce ornaments, but never got around to it (hopefully tomorrow). Karis really wanted to share some of our cookies with our neighbor, so we braved the cold to walk over there right before naps.

Wednesday: Mark is off work and I have an OB apt. so the girls will have a Daddy morning! I don't even know what he has planned, but he likes to take them out of the house and do something fun. Hopefully we will get to making cinn-applesauce ornaments after naps and maybe take the girls to look at Christmas lights before bed.

Thursday: Another stay at home day with out normal routine! I'm planning to help the girls make Daddy a special craft for a Christmas present, but I haven't decided yet what it will be! (I'm not a super crafty person, but my girls love crafts and they make great keepsakes so I am trying! :) I'm getting ready to search the internet for ideas, but if you have any great suggestions, please let me know! I am also planning to try out this Coconut cookie recipe with them.

Thursday nights, I usually fix dinner for several college guys in our church and then we have our normal Bible Study. The girls love having our friends over and get to play with them for a bit after dinner and then sing songs together. But they go to bed before we start the Bible Study.

Friday: Our big day out every week! We always go to soccer class with Daddy at MVP Sports and then to the library and then any other errands I've saved up. We are all usually exhausted by the time we get home and immediately crash for naps and then read our new library books all afternoon til time to make dinner.

Saturday: Mark works on Saturday, so it is just another day that I try to be productive as well! I plan to take the girls to the Farmer's Market and stock up on some good meat and eggs and then let the girls help me wrap a ton of Christmas presents once we get home. We'll finish up our project for Daddy if it isn't done yet and I'll need to prepare something for the covered dish at church on Sunday. Mark gets off a little earlier on Saturdays, so we'll do something fun with him after naps.

Sunday: Meeting with our church family, covered dish, and white elephant gift exchange! It will be a fun day fellowshipping with our friends!

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