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My first caveat to this post would be that this week is not a normal week for the Finn family...but truthfully, I am not sure what is normal right now and what isn't! Of course with the holidays there is a lot going on, so nothing is truly normal right now:-) But anyway, here is a glimpse into our week.

Monday--My doctor's appointment day. I am going to the Ob/gyn once a week now, and I have appointments scheduled on Mondays through January 3. I am praying that I don't make it to that last appointment, since that is after my due date, but we'll see. Thankfully, my husband, who is a professor at Southeastern Seminary, does not have Monday morning classes (and the semester is over, too). This Monday he watched the kids while I went to the doctor. When I came home, he had created a castle for them in the living room out of a card table, chairs and lots of blankets. We played in that for a good part of the day.

Tuesday--The kids and I went up to campus to attend a going away party for a friend who is 'retiring' from work. Before we went, though, we made special cards for Mrs. Penny using glitter and stickers, and the kids had a blast. After making an appearance at the party, we went to lunch with Daddy and then ran a few errands around town before heading home for naptime.

Wednesday--I watched a friend's 6 month old little boy all day at the house, so we stayed home and played and enjoyed the idea of having another little baby around very soon! One of Nathan's students/good friend/babysitter of the Finnlings came over to eat dinner with us last night as well.

Thursday--We stayed home this morning to keep dry and warm during the snow/rain mix that we are getting in Wake Forest. This afternoon I am working childcare for the graduation reception at SEBTS, so Nathan and I will platoon watching the kids.

Friday--It is the day of fall graduation ceremonies at SEBTS, and all of the Finns will be involved today. We are starting off the morning with breakfast out, and then I will take the children to work childcare for graduation while Nathan gets the privilege of wearing his regalia in the snow/ice and participating as faculty in the graduation. We may also eat lunch out, depending on when graduation ends, and then the kids and I will be back home for a nap (I'll need it!!). Tomorrow evening is a Christmas party for me and Nathan while the kids stay with a sitter.

Saturday--I don't think we have anything planned! There are a lot of little things that we want to finish before the baby comes (painting our half bathroom is the biggest one), and hopefully we get a lot of those items tackled on Saturday. Generally, though, we will be at home and resting.

Sunday--We gather with our church body on Sunday, and at this moment are planning on having several members of our small group over for dinner after service Sunday morning. That will take the place of our evening small group meeting, so after lunch we will have an afternoon/evening of rest!

Whew! Just typing out my week makes me tired, and I haven't finished it yet :-) Of course, all of this could change if the Lord should decide to send me into labor...though my house probably isn't ready, I would not object to such a thing happening!

So please tell us--what is going on in your life this week? We hope you are enjoying these glimpses into our lives.

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Rachael Davis said...

Leah, thank you so much for doing childcare for graduation....I can't even tell you what a blessing it was for this wife of a graduate!

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