Do you love your Boppy?

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One of the items that I had on my original newborn list from September 2007 was a Boppy Pillow. When I revisted my list I decided to take it off (along with the Baby in View mirror). I would say that I still like both of these items, but they're not on my Top 5 for New Moms.

What do you think? Do you love your Boppy pillow? Do you nurse with it?

I used the Boppy to nurse in the beginning - for maybe the first month or so. But once my boys were bigger and I had a better handle on nursing, I didn't use anything. It mostly became something to lay the boys in after they nursed. And I did tummy time with it. Hmm, maybe it is still a worthwhile pick. I'm torn. Is it on your top 5?

For that matter, what is on your top 5? I considered putting a nursing cover on the top 5 (also a frequent shower gift from me). Or how about a glider?

I'd love to hear what you all prefer for new moms. Feel free to comment here...


lee and hannah said...

i tend to use the bobby as a pillow for my baby to lay on the floor... that's all it ever really has been for me (my baby is 10 mos.)

a nice thing to have? sure... my top 5? nah.

Jen said...

After 5 kids my top five favorite baby items/shower gifts would have to be (in no particular order):

1) mirror for the car - the one that goes on the back of the seat is great for seeing your rearfacing child. The one that hangs on your rearview mirror is great for checking on all your forwardfacing kids.

2) The Miracle Blanket (a swaddle blanket) - my youngest two loved it.

3) umbrella stroller with basket - big stroller systems are overrated

4) formula dispenser - has four chambers to pre-measure formula for on the go or daily use. This was great for my two formula fed babies!

5) homemade/thick hoody towels - so much more absorbent than those thin ones from the store. My 6 year old still uses his.

okay, maybe I have 6...

6) The vinyl bibs that have a food catcher pocket that snaps/unsnaps for easy cleaning. Throw them in the washer/dryer, even the dishwasher. They wipe totally clean. No food stuck in crevices. LOVE those bibs.

And to answer your original question... I do NOT love my Boppy (as a nursing pillow that is). I think Boppys should be marketed more as a baby positioning pillow than for nursing. I NEVER nursed comfortably with mine.

Jen said...

okay, just read post #1 by Leah. Now I may have a #7 to add. This is quickly getting out of control!

7) I LOVE my baby carrier wrap. It is a Moby type wrap made by a friend. Loved it more than I though.

8) Also, nursing tanks would definitely make my top 5 for a nursing mom!

Amy said...

I've had 3 kids and my top items overall have to be

1). the moby type carrier, I have an ultimate baby wrap from babies r us.
2). the action carrier, for when they are a little older
3). The boppy. I don't love it, and it could be improved, but i still use it a lot for lots of different things. I still nurse with it outside of bed and have for all 3 kids. So, I guess for me, it's a must.
4). the woombie. a swaddle. it's amazing. it's my #1 must have thing.
5). nursing bras.

Leah F said...

Okay, this is a question I am asking RIGHT NOW. I used the Boppy a lot with Georgia. I didn't use it much at all with Baxter. Our boppy currently sits on our living room rocking chair, and is used a the chair cushion. The lactaction consultant today helped me with the baby, and put an extra pillow or two under the baby while I nursed, which helped a lot with the nursing. Now I am wondering about pulling out the Boppy again for baby #3...

Leah F said...

PS isn't there an actual Boppy positioning pillow now, that isn't a nursing pillow but is a boppy specifically for propping up a baby? If only it wasn't a completely separate item--

Teesa said...

I actually don't use my nursing cover very much at all - I have blankets or spit up rags I use to cover myself up, but not my baby or his head.

The boppy is definitely in my top 5 - if not top 2. I use it for everything - nursing, laying on, the kids sit in it to watch TV or read books...I love the comfort of having one arm free while I nurse so I can read to my other children as well.

Actually, I think I ONLY have a top 3 list - the second is spit up rags. These are good for spit up, spills the older kids make and plenty of other things. I carry them around with me everywhere.

Number 3 is my Moby Wrap. This has become essential in the last two months of my baby's life. He doesn't like the Ergo this early, even with the Infant Insert, and the Moby Wrap keeps him very close.

IF I had to pick a Number 4, it would be my Ergo, but I haven't used it yet with this one. I still use it with my older two though, especially on hiking trips.

Congrats on your new baby!

Christy said...

The Boppy is my #1. I LOVED that thing! We used it all the time for nursing and like many people said here for positioning and such. It also makes a realllllly comfortable travel pillow :)


Courtney said...

My top 5 would be
1. MOBY wrap
2. my stroller, I have a Phil and Ted and when I used the basinett for the baby and the doubles kit on top people didn't even know the baby was there so he stayed nice and hidden away from people
3. sound machine, this is really more for the other people in the house because it covers over the crying so that other kids can sleep
4. swaddle blankets, we love aden & anais
5. loose pj tops for those middle of the night feedings.

But I do use a boppy, it was great for feeding while still having to read/take care of my older son at first (my boys are only 14 months apart, so Zeke was still a baby when Ben came along)

Kari said...

I didn't use the boppy as much as I thought I would. It seemed to make nursing more difficult sometimes. Plus, my little girl spit-up a lot, so I tried to keep her more elevated while nursing than the boppy would allow. I mainly only used it when nursing in bed that first month.

I don't know if I have a top 5, but I have a #1 - the bouncy seat! My daughter loved it and I don't think we would have survived those first three months without it!

If I had to make a top five, the other four, in no particular order:
-homemade burp rags: so much bigger than the others...and cuter too. Great for a baby who spits up.
-lanolin cream: if you've nursed, you know that no explanation is needed. :)
-bumbo: great for keeping baby involved when you need to cook or fold laundry.
-formula dispenser, like Jen mentioned: now that she is no longer nursing, these are great when out and about.

Jessica in Europe said...

I hate nursing without my boppy!
My other top items are
-nursing cover
-Ergo/Beco Carrier
-reading light (ok, not really a baby item, but I love it for late night feedings)
-nursing tanks

We live overseas and have to travel a lot so I can't imagine life without the Ergo and the nursing items to keep me covered. Most recently I was sitting on a cold cement bench outside of Westminister Abbey nursing my youngest.

Amy said...

oh a noise machine, yes that is a major item we cannot live without!!!

Cecilia said...

I use the boppy, but not for nursing. It didn't work for us, but Hannah Kate was a 30 weeker so it could be her size. Right now we need our bouncy seat! She has reflux so it's a great place for her to sleep without getting choked.

Becky said...

I couldn't live without my boppy pillow during nursing. Unfortunately, I got so used to nursing with it, that I had a hard time nursing without it. Another baby item that I used alot was a bumbo (like) seat. I have one made by Summer that has a tray with toys and a soft insert so it is a seat when they're little and makes into a booster when they are older (you take out the insert. Once my son got old enough to hold up his head and be comfortable in a seat, we used it to keep him safe while showering, cooking, etc. My son is 19 months old and I sometimes still put him in it when he wakes up early and I have to get ready for work with him awake. I also really liked the aden and anais swaddle blankets- we had better luck with those than the blankets with the velcro (but I also think we didn't have really good ones so I will probably try the miracle or woombie next time). We also love our stroller system- Chicco Key Fit 30 and the stroller that goes with it. It has held up great, is comfortable and easy to fold up (even though it is kind of big.)

Terra Jones said...

for 3 babies, I've tried to love my boppy, even just stand the thought of using it, but I hate it, lol. About all it's good for (for me), is a laptop rest - keeps my laptop nice and cool ;-)

Top 5 -

my sling or meitai
cloth diapers
cloth nursing pads
a swing

ok, top 4...I thought long and hard, but this is what I have, lol

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