Hollie's Favorite Newborn Items

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I agree with the other POH authors about their favorite newborn items, and I'd also like to add a few other favs of mine that were very helpful with having my second child.

Knit booties that tie. I LOVED having these booties, since they did not fall off her feet, unlike socks. I was so sad when my daughter outgrew these booties. They were a gift from a friend's mother, so if you know someone who knits, have them knit you a pair of booties for your little newbie. You won't regret it.

Baby wearing: I'm a huge fan of babywearing. Here I had on a Hug-a-bub wrap made by a friend of mine when I had my first child.  I was happy to be able to use it again the second go-around. I believe it's similar to a Moby wrap. I liked this wrap for the newborn stage. Click here for directions on how to tie it.

With my second child, I found out about the K'tan, and I also REALLY enjoyed using this carrier.

And then you have the beloved Ergo Baby Carrier. Even if you haven't been a POHer for long, you at least know that the Ergo brings it, and I haven't met a person who didn't like it. I did carry my newby in the Ergo if I was walking long distances (like at the Fair) using the infant insert (and this was before I had a K'tan), but it wasn't my most favorite time to use the Ergo. Totally do-able though if you don't want to buy another carrier for the newborn stage.

At the Fair and nursing might I add!
I nursed while we walked around.
Would not have done it w/o a nursing cover.
Infant Insert: Picture taken from above,
so you can see how they fit in the carrier.

My friend Rachael Davis and I at the NC Zoo.  Both of our families went together
to the zoo. Mattie was 2 months old, and Tucker was just shy of that. He is 3 weeks younger than Mattie.

(Rachael, can you chime in on the comments section and share with us which carrier you had? I am drawing a blank right now.)
Basically, all I did in the newborn stage was nurse and carry my baby around in a carrier. Carriers are essential, unless you just want burning arms of flame and enjoy doing everything with one hand.
I loved this little newborn play-gym. Wasn't super sturdy, but did the job and she loved it. Here, I had her sitting in the bumbo and enjoying her new view.

 The Bouncer.

 I borrowed this one from a friend and really enjoyed it for the first few months of the newborn stage. After about 8 or 10 weeks, I really liked my other bouncer that sat more upright, so my girls could interact with the mobile, that was within arm's reach.

And for your enjoyment, Mattie had her hand was up in the air while she was sleeping/dreaming. I say she's praising the Lord! :)

I LOVED LOVED LOVED this little bath hammock. Walmart sells them and they are very inexpensive.

Can you tell I used it as long as I could? Look at how much she filled out..
....although, she did have a pretty big belly in that first pic too.


Rachael Davis said...

Hollie, I carried Tucker in a hotsling at the zoo that day, but I ONE MILLION TIMES preferred my K'tan when I got that. It's so so so much better for that infant stage until 4-6 months. And then the beloved Ergo got worn.

Terra Jones said...

Hollie - I'll be the one person who dislikes the ergo ;-) I find it so uncomfortable!!

Leah F said...

Hollie--I love my baby bath sling as well! After Georgia outgrew her baby bathtub, I got rid of it and replaced it with the simple sling for Bax, and that worked great! Good recommendation!

Laura said...

Love the papason infant chair. My youngest slept in his for six months due to his reflux. I never would have survived without it!!

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