Meg's fav 6-12 month products

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Oh, this age is so much fun! While I don't have any products that I wouldn't want to live without (other than the Ergo, which Hollie already mentioned and is by far the easiest, most comfortable, and hands free baby carrier I've tried), there are several products that I really enjoyed using with my girls. So here they are in no particular order:

Munchkin Blow-up ducky bath -- As soon as they were able to sit up, I switched to this bathtub and the girls just loved having the freedom to take a "real" bath and splash and squirm to their hearts' content. It fit right inside my tub and even left enough room for my oldest to take a bath beside my little one without the fear of her getting mistakenly pushed over under water.

All natural, wooden or cloth teethers -- With my second baby, I started trying to get rid of all the plastic teethers in my house because I didn't know if they contained BPA or not. There are so many great natural teethers out nowadays! They are definitely more expensive, but you don't need that many and they are totally worth it to me. Karlie loved them! Here are a few options: Ringley Teether, Green Sprouts Blankie Teether, Little Alouette Teethers, Dad's Wooden Toys, Maple Teethers, and there are tons more if you search Amazon or Etsy. Oh, and how about this idea for a teething necklace for Mommas to wear? (Since the baby is going to try to eat any necklace I wear anyways :) I found one on a great sale and it is perfect for when I'm wearing my baby in the Ergo!

Mesh feeder -- This thing saved me many a meal time when my baby was too little to eat something we were eating but so badly wanted to! She could chomp down and chew as much as she wanted without worrying about the food being a chocking hazard. If she was teething badly I would fill it with frozen blueberries or peas and she would be a happy camper!

Leap Frog Music Table -- I'm not usually all about things that make a lot of noise, but both of my girls absolutely loved this! The legs come off easily, so when the baby was too little to stand, she could still have fun climbing on it, pushing buttons, and making music. Once I put the legs on, it quickly became a favorite thing to pull up on because it was so so sturdy. And it made for a slow walker as well.

Books! I start reading to my little ones from the time they are born, but around this age, they really start to enjoy looking at them on their own. Little chunky one are the best for such small fingers. They also really enjoy books that have texture and/or flaps. Some of our favorites: Touch and Feel Animals, That's not my... Usborne Series, Pinwheel Peekaboo puppet books, Karen Katz books, Brown Bear and Friends, Dr. Seuss Bright and Early Board Books

Exersaucer -- Both of my girls would go wild in this thing! We always put it in our kitchen and it definitely helped me to get dinner made :)

Munchkin plates, bowls, cups, utensils -- Although I am slowly trying to weed out the plastic in our life and are saving up for this cute stainless steel collection , the inexpensive Munchkin dinnerware is at least BPA free and my kids have loved the colorful designs.

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