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We're ready to cover the next age group this week with our favorite products for the Toddler Years. I revisted my original post on this topic when Samuel was 2 years old. I must say that my boys still play with all of these items (Sam age 4, Joel age 2). I am adding a few here that they have added to their rotation:

In the course of the day, Samuel and Joel play with the following:

1. Trains. We started out with a set from IKEA for $14.99 along with Thomas and James. We have since added to the collection with birthday presents, hand-me-downs and Craigslist purchases.

2. Cars. This is the boys latest obsession - Disney Cars cars to be exact. Our collection is a mix of hand-me-downs, Christmas presents, and just for fun purchases.

3. Dump Trucks & Backhoes. We have indoor ones and outdoors ones.

4. The other thing that the boys like to play with in the summer is a slide and pool. We purchased the pool for $4.99 from Menards and the climber w/ slide for $5 from a garage sale.

As far as non-toy Toddler Products that I would recommend:

1. NUK Gerber Scoopin' Spoons. These are the best spoons, IMO, because they are deep and food doesn't slip off. ($7.82/2pk on Amazon; also sold in stores)

2. Disney Pooh Soft Potty Seat. This is the potty seat we have used to potty train both boys. The great thing about the seat is the extra-high pee guard on the front. Not all potty seats have this. I bought a second seat one time that had a puny little pee guard on the front and it just didn't do the job. I definitely recommend the bigger guard (you will thank me, trust me! ha, ha). ($12.98 on Amazon; also sold in stores)

3. Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD. I'm not a big endorser of TV and movies, but I will stand by this DVD. It is GREAT for little ones to learn their alphabet and the sounds each letter makes. Both of my boys knew the alphabet and sounds before 2 years old. This is a cute 35-minute video. ($8.99 on Amazon; my link is to a 3 DVD set for $21.49 that I highly recommend)

We'd love to hear your thoughts. What Toddler Products are your favorites? What did you think you wanted/needed but didn't end up using all that much?

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