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For Christmas, I asked for a few books that would deepen my understanding of health and the incredible way the Lord fashioned our bodys to work. I have always been fascinated by health in general. I thought it was so funny when I opened up my present of two liver books. Who asks for liver books for Christmas? Ha! I do!

I'm almost finished with Sandra Cabot's, The Liver Cleansing Diet. I am absolutely loving it and plan to start eating in such a way to improve the function of my liver. Why did I choose to read about the liver?

A year ago, I was having some tests run, and we just happened to find out that I have a "fatty liver". I had never even heard of a "fatty liver" before. I never really followed up on it until now. Basically, having a fatty liver means your liver is bogged down with toxins.  I have no symptoms, but if I don't take active steps to improve my liver now, then it could possibly lead to cirhosis of the liver later in life. Yikes! I'm one that wants to eat well NOW, in my early 30's so that later in life, so that I can enjoy a life of health and not trying to turn over a new leaf in eating patterns when I'm in my 50's or 60's due to this or that health problem (that could possibly have been avoided). 

The liver is the only organ that can regenerate completely! Is that good news or what?! I'm continually amazed at the Lord and how He fashioned us together. What a Creator.

Everyone, not just those with liver problems, needs to cleanse the liver. It's functions as a filter for your body's blood, just like the drain in your kitchen sink is a filter for all that leftover food from dinner. Think of how icky and clogged your drain gets and the same is true about any other filter in your body. It will get bogged down if you don't cleanse it occasionally. Dr. Cabot also says that this is a great way of eating for school-aged kids as well...indefinitely, if you so choose. Or you can just choose to do the eight week cleanse every now and then. However, eight weeks of eating a certain way really helps you take a hard look at your eating habits.

I'm pretty much finished with reading the chapters. I'm now filtering through the recipes that Dr. Cabot gives for this 8 week diet that nourshes the liver with the foods on which it thrives. I plan to blog about it, so I'll let you know how it goes.

Have a great week choosing to eat well!


KC said...

can you give us some idea of what the diet entails or what she recommends? No dairy, all organic, special combos or amounts...??

Melissa Pearce said...

How did you find this out in the first place? Did you DR do blood work during a physical or something?

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