Homeschooling Will - Pre K this year

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First off, let me start by saying that homeschooling is not at all what I ever thought I'd be doing! Our desire to be moving overseas soon is definitely a large part of our decision to homeschool. It is certainly one of those things that we'll evaluate each year, for each child and determine what is best for that time. For now, I have been confirmed that it is certainly what is best for Will right now!

Last year when Will turned four, we knew sending him to preschool was not an option. Mostly financial, but also because I was just not convinced it was necessary given the fact that I knew we'd likely be homeschooling at some point. So, I started considering what he needed from me at home! Somehow, I found out about Sonlight and their P4/5 core curriculum.

Sonlight is very literature based (meaning we read...a lot!) and I have loved all the different topics Will has been exposed to in a very gentle, non-demanding way. It really is a simple reading schedule that lumps readings together in a way that makes many connections. In addition, there are a lot of great activities to go with certain readings throughout the week. The only "workbook" portion of P4/5 is a series of four books called Developing the Early Learner.

This is an example of one of the first pages in the book. There were four exercises where I read instructions to Will. For example: "Put a blue line over the ball." Will LOVED these books, though we stopped after book 2. 

In addition to this book, Will has enjoyed a variety of Kumon books and we're finishing up the Handwriting Without Tears Pre-K book. I've been so surprised that Will loves these type of activities. I've had to find additional printables online because he is flying through the things I had planned. 

Normally, we "do school" about 3 days per week. We read everyday, but those 3 days per week we do our written work and other activities together. I don't have a super rigid plan for this, but usually it includes activities like puzzles, letter/number games, crafts, scissors practice and computer games (!). I use a drawer system (similiar to the workbox system) to organize our activities for each day we work. This really helps Will. 

I had planned to start teaching Will to read after Christmas (at 4.5) with Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. But, neither of us was ready at that point. We've recently switched gears and chosen a different book.  

I think I'll split this into two posts and address the decision making process for Kindergarten in another post! I'll include a list of resources recommended to me then as well. 

In the meantime, please share any additional preschool resources you've enjoyed with your child!

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Krista said...

Can you give me an overview of the Workbox System? Looking through the website I can't get a sense for what it is without first purchasing her book.

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