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This is similar to Margaret's idea for making a tomb. I hope its not too redundant! Last year, my mother in law helped the kids make a tomb scene from only natural items. Rocks, sticks, greenery, etc. Jesus was represented by a small cross from two twigs. He also had a white cloth.

Will proudly brought that tomb home and was very into it and talking about it last year at Easter. I knew I'd be sure they got to build a tomb again this year! We took the last two evenings after dinner to work on it.

Last night, Jacob took the kids on a walk around the neighborhood to collect our items. This even led to a great discussion with a neighbor who asked what they were doing!

Tonight, we built the tomb in the bottom of a large plastic planter. The kids had a blast and were super into it. The first picture above is the cross Will made for our Jesus (a toy of Will's).

Here is the beginnings of the tomb and Jesus in the tomb. The cloth he was wrapped in is the leaves you can see. (And whatever else Adeline shoved in there!)

Going to collect more azalea blooms for our "garden" in front of the tomb. The ones collected yesterday weren't very pretty anymore. :)

Adeline adding her blooms to the scene.

They really enjoyed getting to draw faces on two sticks to be our soldiers. I think this may have been the favorite part of tonight. I brought our scene inside when we were finished. Mostly because of the chance of rain between now and Easter, but also so they could see it more often.

On Sunday morning, the kids will find the stone rolled away, the soldiers lying down and Jesus not there!

(Will was most concerned about his boat man going up to heaven and not coming back. He really wanted to get his toy back...we explained that we were only pretending so we could remember what happened when Jesus died and was resurrected. His toy was not actually going to heaven as Jesus did.)

You still have plenty of time to do this super simple activity! It literally took us 10 minutes each night to complete and involved no prep on my part!

Tomorrow's activity is making Resurrection Rolls!

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Nungari M. said...

I Like this. It is something i would consider doing with my children. Thanks alot.

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