First Birthday Ideas

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My baby girl will be one in about a month. I can hardly believe it!  Time is going by so quickly and I'm cherishing these days.  I love giving our kids birthday parties and am thinking about hers already.  Here are some of the party and gift ideas that I've used with our other children and plan on using with her:

We bought her a lovely new doll as she really seems to enjoy them so much!

I made her a quilt and also made a small matching one for her new doll.  Each of my other children have a special quilt that I made for them when they were small.

Meredith helped me sew a pillow from some quilt scraps, also for her new doll.

I'm giving her small, spiral bound notebook that I'll use to record special memories and things she says.  Both of my other children also have books like these, as their baby books seem to get full so fast. 

She got a new pair of shoes for when she starts to walk.

I've decided on a party theme and am thinking of cake ideas and decorations.

Check out this link for recipes of healthy baby's cake. 

I'm thinking of possibly coming up with some sort of party outfit so I take some special photos of her. I've never done this before though and am not sure what I'll come up with. 

I've heard of some families making photo books of baby's first year and thought this was a good idea. 

Do you have any other good one year party ideas to share?  I'd love to get some other ideas! 

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