Baby Doll Before and After

Posted by  | Wednesday, May 25, 2011  at 11:06 AM  
Actually, this the title of this post should be just "Baby Doll After" because I don't have a good before photo!  Sorry!  However, having two girls I have come to realize that there are actually some pretty tacky baby dolls out there!  And, if I'm going to have my sweet little girls carrying them around, I'd like the dolls to be equally sweet.  My husband says I can't leave anything "uncrafted" and this doll (named Baby Nora) is no exception.  Before she had a huge cargo pocket on her pants, a Hello Kitty logo on her shirt and a hot pink decoration on her hat that was supposed to be a bow, though it didn't resemble one.  I thought about making a totally new outfit for her, but it would have taken a bit of time that I didn't have.  So, I opted for a quick makeover instead.  I took some scrap fabric, cut it into a heart shape and appliqued it over the Hello Kitty face, made a new bow out of matching fabric and replaced the one on her hat and simply cut off the cargo pocket.  In about 10 minutes, Baby Nora was decked out in new duds.  What do you think?  Do your kids have any toys that need makeovers?

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Krista said...

Very cute - you are so creative!

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