Newborn Product Reviews (after 8 weeks of use!)

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Hi readers! One day I'll return to posts about topics other than newborns and babies, but for now it's what I'm living so its the easiest to write about! I thought I'd update on the baby products we are loving the third time around. I wrote a post about 3 months ago about the baby products I was excited about. Consider this the sequel!

As you can see in the first two pictures, our snugabunny swing has been a BIG hit and HUGE lifesaver! Based on how much my first two loved their cradle swings, I'm not surprised. I am disappointed that the swing's motor seems to be wearing out! It started after using the swing for only a few weeks. I haven't gotten around to calling yet, but plan to call Fisher Price. I'm certain they'll send me a new motor. Thank goodness because we use that swing many hours per day! It calms her down (when combined with the sound machine, swaddle and paci!) and helps her sleep better than anything else!

You can see our sound machine in the top of this picture. That's my next favorite. She will instantly calm at the sound of loud...very loud...white noise! We take this sound machine everywhere! It rides in her carseat when we are out. If we are in the car, I use a static station (which the big kids hate!) instead.

This picture (and the last) show that she is finally starting to take a paci! Especially when she is hungry, but I think she's also starting to learn to use it when she needs soothing to fall asleep. Hallelujah!! I prayed for this, literally and I'm soooo thankful for this answered prayer. (She even likes the Nuk, my favorite. :)

Because we went through about two weeks of "colic" (see my last post on breastfeeding - which is going great now!)....the Moby became our biggest help in accomplishing stuff around the house. The Moby is her favorite, but she will tolerate and even sleep in the pouch sling as well. We could not survive with the Moby and it too goes everywhere with us!


The last two products are ones I've discovered since she was born. This is the Fisher Price Rock N' Play and it is approved for sleep. Anna was having a seriously difficult time staying asleep, especially at night. We even packed up her BIG snugabunny swing for a long weekend of travel recently. We were that desperate! She would not sleep in her pack n' play! She has some serious reflux that doesn't necessary cause a lot of pain, but does cause a lot of congestion. When laid flat, she would get super congested and wake up coughing and sneezing within 5 minutes. This product has been another lifesaver for me at night! When she sleeps here, she does not wake up! Two nights ago, she slept from 10:30-8:30 and only woke up to eat ONCE!

Today Promo Gripe Water

I had heard of Gripe Water with my last two, but never used it. This go 'round a friend gave me a bottle that she hadn't used with her last baby. I put it away and didn't think much about it...until we entered Anna's few bad weeks. I thought I'd give it a try and it really seemed to help! This is the brand we have. I have noticed (while looking for more to buy) that each brand has slightly different ingredients. Because of that, I can only speak to "Mommy's Bliss" brand, but it has really helped Anna! 

Do you have a "must have" baby item that you discovered after baby was born? Please share! 

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