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I love giving one-of-a-kind gifts. It doesn’t always work out that I can give handmade gifts every time I have the opportunity, but believe you me, I’m thinking about it and trying to figure out how I can pull it off.

My precious niece Kinley celebrated her first birthday, and I wanted to send her something from Auntie Hollie. So, I made this sweet bunny out of scrap fabric I already had.  I had so much fun making it!

I got this project out of the book “Sewing for Children” by Emma Hardy. 

Not only do I love this sweet book and the message behind it, my little Laney LOVES to look through it, study the pictures and say, “Mama, let’s make this! Oh, I want to make this!” I can’t tell you how much seeing her desire to create, makes my heart smile.

How did I make bunny? I used:

-old pink glove
-brown and pink polka dot courderoy
-embroidery floss (thread)
-two long socks for legs (I didn’t have those on hand so I used a dollar store scarf that I already had)
-scrap cotton lace for bottom of dress
-scrap fabric as scarf around neck
-fiberfill (stuffing)

I simply hand-stitched this together and added my own little additions to the bunny.  Laney ADORED this bunny, snuggled with it, twirled it around like in Toy Story 3, and loved on it before I had to package her up and send her off.  She was so sad when she realized bunny had been mailed off, so I’ll be making Laney and Mattie a little bunny for themselves.

Very easy to make and so fulfilling to give as a gift. I also sent her a little outfit I picked up, so I don’t always send handmade gifts, but I wish I could! Maybe one day....

Maybe give this book as a gift? I highly recommend using it as a means to teach your kids the love of creating and inspiration.

What have you made recently to be given as a gift?

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