Little Ones Love To Memorize!

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Ever since Leah F. wrote THIS POST, I have really been wanting to start memorizing larger portions of scripture with my family. We really enjoyed doing our scripture verses last year, and had even more fun with our "questions," but I really wanted my 4-year old to start getting some context for all the random verses that she was learning. And then once I started reading all about Classical Education and how much children actually enjoy memorizing at a young age and how easy it is for them, I decided it was time to start.

We started with Psalm 1 and are now working on Psalm 23. 1Cor. 13 is up after that. I'm hoping to choose longer and longer passages each time and eventually be able to memorize a whole book without forgetting the ones we initially learned.

We have started adding one more line of scripture each night during our bedtime routine of singing, Bible stories, and prayer. I am blogging about this on our family blog to kind of keep me accountable in doing this with my family... hopefully we will be able to post a new video every other week or so of a new chapter of Scripture learned.

I have been amazed at how quickly little ones memorize scripture... they actually do better than Mark and I and are constantly correcting us when we make a mistake! This is a video of them saying Psalm 1 -- you will notice that they are much more familiar with the 1st part because we have said it so often, and they still need some cues for the last part. But that is ok, because each night that we say it, they remember more and more! Oh and the best part is that they really enjoy it! And at random times during the day, I will hear Karlie tell her My-na baby, "how blessed is the man..." Today Karis was reciting it as she was using the potty. Oh, how I love to hear God's word on the lips of my girls! It both blesses me and rebukes me because I wish it were on my mind more often!

I'd love to hear about your family's Scripture memory – what tips do you have for memorizing longer passages with your children and what chapters have been most beneficial to your family to learn?

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