1st day of DeLong preschool!

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Since POH is focusing on "Back to School" this month, I thought I'd share about our first day of school also. I posted HERE about our "schedule" (that I follow very loosely) and my LIST of things to do with my girls this fall. I wrote a very detailed schedule to keep me on track, but I don't try to accomplish every single thing each day. If one activity is going well, we happily enjoy it for a longer period of time than scheduled and cut back on something else. Monday, August 15th was officially our "first day of school" and I had several fun things planned for the girls. So here is a glimpse of some of the ways I tried to make the first day special. I didn't take pictures of all our schoolwork, but just tried to capture the most fun parts :)

The girls woke up to new world map placemats and fingerpaints at the breakfast table! We have had so much fun with the placemats -- the girls love pointing to places and asking about everything on the map. It kind of drives Mark crazy because we have a hard time having a conversation in between questions but I love that they are learning geography without even trying! The girls love to sing the continents and tell me which color they are.
The girls had helped me make special cinnamon rolls for the first day of school and had been eagerly waiting to eat them :)

Of course Karis ate all the icing off first!
And my butter-lovin, change hatin, Karlie Sue wouldn't touch the icing but demanded butter on her cinnamon roll and ate every bite (but only after she ate the raisins first!)
We used our new chore cards to get ready for our day and then headed outside for our morning walk. And of course I just had to get our first traditional "first day of school pictures!" (Do you know what the best part about pre-school at home is? That you can have your babydolls do absolutely everything with you!!)And I have to now confess what a horrible mother I am -- my eldest is 4 years old and had not touched fingerpaint until her first day of pre-school! They had a blast painting with their fingers and have since begged to do it every single day!
We had a very special "healthy" fudgesicle snack after naps! Although usually I let the girls help me make everything, I made these while they were sleeping because if they had seen the green avocado going in the blender, no one would have touched them :)
But as you can tell, every drop was devoured with pleasure!

The girls had fun with a new animal stencil set
They also had a lot of fun stuffing shells for dinner and sprinkling on the cheese!

The read together in the living room while waiting for dinner to cook...

Daddy gave them a manicure before bed :)
And our fun day ended with tickle time!

Don't you just wish you could go back to preschool?

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Anonymous said...

I love the way you spend quality time with your girls. It brings back wonderful memories of the time I spent with my girls now 18, 16, 13, and forever 9. You will never regret spending time with them. I promise some day you will look back and say, "Those were the best years". :)

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