Our Preschool Schedule (kind of a "space-saving" workboxes approach)

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Our first year of pre-school is starting up on Monday and I am so excited! I have a lot of fun things planned for my girls this year, but I suddenly realized that I needed to make a schedule or we were just not going to have time for it all. (Is there anyone else out there who stays incredibly busy all day long but somehow only has some laundry and dinner to show for it? :) Here is the schedule I plan to *loosely* follow with my girls. We are only going to do school about 3 days a week but will follow the afternoon schedule on most days because it makes life easier. Karlie usually wants to do everything her sister does, so she will always start out with us and if she gets bored, she will just play with her doll-house or puzzles while we finish the longer read-alouds or table work.

7:30 -- wake up, eat breakfast
8:00 -- Bible Time, weather chart, calendar
8:30 -- get dressed and do chores
9:00 -- History cards memory work, Teaching Reading, manner review, letter of the week, number-line practice
9:45 -- Preschool workbook
10:00 -- snack and outside
10:30 -- daily read-aloud, short book, Brain Quest activity
11:00 -- blanket-time while I do housework
11:30 -- free play while I do housework and fix lunch
12:00 -- lunch
12:30 -- library books
1:00 -- naps
3:00 -- wake up, library books, snack
3:30 -- Activity with Mama (click HERE to see my list of optional activities we will rotate through)
4:00 -- free play or housework with Mama
4:30 -- Make dinner/ free art work (they usually want to help make dinner but if not they can use markers, stamps, stencils, etc at the table in the kitchen)
5:00 -- Clean up/outside time/ watch for Daddy :)
5:30 -- Dinner with Daddy
6:00 -- Playtime with Daddy
6:30 -- Pajamas, singing, Scripture memory, Bible reading, prayer
7:00 -- In bed!

To make my life easier and reduce the weekly planning load, I decided to make a list of all the read-alouds, blanket-time, and learning activities/games I want to use with the girls this fall. (If you want to see my master list, click HERE.) I found this great pocket chart at Amazon and I am using it to show the girls our schedule each day. The best part is that the chart folds up completely flat and I slide it behind my couch (along with our calendar and weather chart) when when are not using it! It also has a pocket in the middle that I use to store my weather pieces, pictures, and extra letter cards.

I love the workboxes idea for organizing schoolwork, but they take up more room than I have available, some of my larger books wouldn't fit, and for just a simple pre-school plan, I didn't want to have to fill them every night. So instead, I took pictures of all our daily options, grouped them together by category for easy rotation, and placed them in our daily order in the pocket chart. Now I don't really have to plan anything: the girls simply flip the cards over to see what activity is next. Here is an example of what one day's activities might look like:
The pocket chart has 2 sides, so I 'm currently using the other side for our Teaching Reading cards sound review.
I have to mention another favorite Amazon find: this number-line flip chart. It is a lot larger than I thought it would be and has the numbers in ascending order on one side and descending order on the other. It also has flaps that flip down and cover numbers to easily work on counting by 2's and 5's.
If you are teaching your little ones at home this year, I'd love to hear about your schedule and favorite resources!



Leah F said...

What a great schedule, Meg! You are an inspiration :-) Could you tell me about the History Memorization?

Meg said...

Sure! I'm really really excited about the history cards. They are from Veritas press (but if you are lucky you can find them on e-bay more cheaply!) and they each have a picture on the front and lots of info on the back about the event. They are part of the Classical Conversations curriculum that I am loosely copying at home. Basically, children memorize them during the elementary ages while memorizing is easy and fun, and they form a big timeline in their brain. That way, when the kids get more in-depth history study at older levels, they have a great foundation to know when these events happened and they will remember the info a lot more easily. I've always loved history but been horrible at remembering dates and what happened first, etc, so I am pumped about learning these with my girls! We are just planning to learn 3 a week. Veritas also has Bible cards available so you can incorporate them into the world history as well. And there are science cards for kids a little older.

KC said...

Can you tell me more about blanket time? What do you do?

Meg said...

I use blanket time as a time when my girls have a specific activity that they do on their own for about 20 minutes while I get something done that I need to do. Most of the time it is something sensory that they love like stringing bead necklaces or sorting shells. Other options include things like puzzles, magnetic dress-up dolls,family photo albums, scooping beans, legos, etc

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