Fun Christmas Traditions!

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As I wrote last year, we are trying not to go overboard with presents for our little ones at Christmas. The grandparents spoil them plenty and they don't really need anything else from us :) We also really want to try to help them focus on Christ's birth and giving to others. However, Christmas traditions are very special to me because I loved them so much as a child. My family had many Christmas traditions growing up that made the season so special. I'm really excited to start a few with my girls and Pinterest has given me so many fun ideas that I am finding it hard to narrow it down! (I keep telling myself to keep it simple!) But I thought I'd share a few of my favorites!

1. I love this idea of buying a Christmas ornament each year and writing favorite memories on it! I also like the idea of having each child decorate her own ornament each year. When Karis was born, I started making a photo ornament each year. It is so much fun to pull out the ornaments every season and see how much the kids have grown!

2. A family handprint Christmas tree skirt to remember those precious little fingers!

3. This Fisher Price Nativity set that even the smallest family members can play with!

4. The White Envelope Project -- I love the idea of giving to others instead of getting so many presents! (But I also like the idea of the kids helping to choose how to give the money so I'm not sure which one we will do yet)

5. A countdown to Christmas with random act of kindness!

6. A simple tradition of opening something special on Christmas Eve -- I like the idea of opening up special new pajamas and a board game to play each Christmas Eve!

7. Filling a shoebox each year for a needy child!

9. I love this idea about "hope notes" in the stockings!

11. Do a family Christmas play each year -- a simple nativity or a fun play with a Christmas message

14. A large felt Christmas tree with decorations for the kiddos to decorate over and over and over!

15. Decorate house for Christmas and place an empty cradle/ manger near tree. Leave it empty until Christmas day and place some straw and a swaddled doll in cradle for kids to find when they wake up.

16. Candles for Christmas -- the author describes how they ate dinner in complete darkness of Dec 1st (corresponding with the Jesse tree Day one devotional) and added a candle each night at dinnertime until they had 25 candles going! My girls would love this!

17. Truth in the Tinsel -- a wonderful biblical craft advent for little ones using everyday items that you have in your house.

18. Write 25 names of God on ornaments and place one on the tree each day to help kids learn the names of God

Do you have any favorite Christmas traditions to add? I'd love to hear them!

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