The Comparison Game

Posted by  | Wednesday, May 23, 2012  at 8:54 AM  
It is so easy to get into the comparison game, especially as a mom. Our sinful nature compares our lives with those of others who seem to have it 'more together', and we start to live in worry, fear, and doubt. We question everything we do, we try to do more, and we begin to put our worth in what we do instead of finding our worth and value in what Christ has done. Tim Challies has a great blog post about Competitive Mothering that is 'spot on' regarding this subject.

Please know that the authors of POH write their posts to encourage and uplift our readers, and we never intend to hold up our lives as "the only way." May you be encouraged by what we and other moms in the blogsphere write, and may you rest in Christ's conquering of sin on your behalf. Christ is all that matters--not your schooling choices, number of children, or monthly menus. Trust in Him! (If you do not know what it means to trust in Christ, please ask us! I also recommend you read The Story, which explains who made us and why we were made.)

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