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You have probably noticed that the POH authors are taking a little break from writing this summer...  we are all quite busy with our families and summer plans.  We might post every once in a while if we find something that we think might be encouraging to you, but we are not going to try to schedule posts every week.  We hope you are having a wonderful summer and are making lots of special memories with loved ones!

Here are some articles/ links/ recipes I have enjoyed lately:

The "littleness" of motherhood -- another convicting and encouraging article by one of my favorite writers

Chicken Lazone is our absolute favorite recipe right now.  We probably have it at least once every other week.  It is so quick and easy and delicious over a bed of quinoa.  I leave off the seasonings for my girls' chicken so it won't be too spicy for them and their pieces absorb just enough of the spices from ours that it is delicious to them.

A great website for downloading free audio books that I have used greatly in finding stories for my girls for rest time.

This article was very helpful to me in understanding the developmental grasp of a child and helping me to chill out about the way Karlie holds her pencil.

These questions are really fun to ask the kids about any family member.  I printed out the answers on a pretty piece of paper to give to the grandparents for Mother's Day and Father's Day.

Here is an inspiring note to moms of littles.

Natural tick prevention and treatment

My new favorite granola recipe!  She gives a gluten-free option which I now need because my 3-year old needs to eat GF.  I absolutely love the texture and crunch of the toasted buckwheat added to the normal deliciousness of granola!

A great reminder about the "bulk effect" in parenting

We went to The Twisted Fork Restaurant and I fell in love with their Tia Maria Cake -- a friend gave me this recipe that I would really like to try out!

The Long-Term View


The Watczaks said...

I want to try that chicken recipe! :) How do you prepare the quinoa?

Meg said...

I soak a cup of quinoa in a cup of water with a Tbs of apple cider vinegar overnight or at least 8 hours (to make it more nutritious). Then before cooking, rinse it off in a strainer because quinoa is covered with a bitter soap-like layer and it will taste better after rinsing. Boil a cup of water and then add quinoa. Stir, cover, and then reduce heat to low or turn off. The quinoa will absorb the water just as rice would. Once it has absorbed the liquid, it is ready to eat! You can also use chicken stock instead of water for added flavor and nutrition. We use quinoa in place of rice in just about every recipe because we love the texture and it is a complete protein.

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