Krista's Diapering System

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My current diaper stash includes the following:
21 bumGenius OS
1 bumGenius AIO
12 Premium Chinese Prefolds (I trifold them and lay them in a wrap)
12 birdseye flats (I either lay them into a wrap, or fold them as a wrap and put an insert inside)
22 Kissaluvs (12 size 0; 8 size 1; 2 size 2)
1 Kissaluvs Contour
1 Fitted Dipe made of Performance Fabric (advantage - holds more and wicks away moisture)
6 Performance Fabric(PF) inserts - (I trifold them and lay them in a wrap)
1 Imse Vimse Wrap
1 Bummis Super Whisper Wrap
16 Nylon Dappi Pants (4 in each size NB - L)
About a dozen homemade wraps - many from cute (old) t-shirts that I use waterproof spray,
some from fleece, and some from a new diaper company that will be introducing their dipes
in the states in a few months
4 Hemp Babies Bigger Weeds inserts (that I cut in half to make 8)
24 wipes
2 tote bags - one that lines my diaper pail (size XL) and one for my diaper bag (size S)
4 Snappis

I've also tried the following diapers and wraps (that I can remember):
Swaddlebees Velour Fitted Diaper
Under the Nile Fitted Diaper
LANA Wool Soaker (wrap)
Starbunz (wrap)

I feel really blessed to have such a wide variety of diapers and, I must admit, the vast majority have been gifts. However, having been able to try a variety, I think I've come full circle in what I enjoy using and, if I were starting new with cloth and buying everything, I would definitely keep it simple. (On a limited budget, I'd start with CPF's and covers and get a 1/2 dozen bumGenius with hemp babies inserts for nighttime. With a little more money, I'd add in Kissaluvs fitted and/or contours.)
I also go back and forth on performance fabrics vs. cotton. PF will hold longer (a must-have at night) but cotton (to me) seem so much softer and nicer on Lydia's bum. I love the Kissaluvs. I also really like the CPF's and actually, plan to order another dozen and use them folded with a snappi and dappi cover (much like Leah). When we first started cloth diapering, though, bumGenius and Kissaluvs were the staple. I had a hard time learning to fold flats and CPFs and Josh wasn't about to put that much effort into diapering. BumGenius and Kissaluvs are easy, which is a plus when you want hubby to help out. However, trifolding a CPF and laying it into a cover is also very easy and very affordable!

At night, I typically will use either a bumGenius OS with a hemp babies insert, or a PF trifold with hemp babies insert and cover. However, the other night I tried using a PF trifold with hemp babies insert and a flat folded as the cover and this worked great. I really like the fact that cotton was next to her all night too. We only switch to disposables when we're traveling.

My washing routine is very simple. I have a diaper sprayer and spray every diaper - both wet and dirty - and then dump it into my diaper pail. Every other day I put the contents of the diaper pail, along with the tote, into the washing machine (we have a front loader, but I'd do the same with a top loader) and wash on a normal cycle, warm water with a VERY LITTLE amount of detergent (we use Sports wash which is also what many hunters use because it leaves no smell or residue). I don't add baking soda or vinegar; I don't do extra rinse cycles (my sprayer has already taken care of all this for me). Then I hang them out on the line. However, if we had a dryer, I admit I'd definitely put the Kissaluvs in the dryer :). The sun will bleach any stains that remain.

If I ever have an ammonia buildup, I "strip" the diapers, as follow: cold rinse, HOT wash with 1/4 c. bleach and a small amount of detergent (can use dish soap); HOT wash without bleach; HOT rinse. If there is no smell I will then do a cold rinse. If there's still a residue I'd keep washing on HOT until I didn't smell a residue, then end with a cold rinse. I've only done this twice and have been using CD's for a year.


Justin & Gi said...

Do you have a pattern you follow for making these? Or are you just that good when it comes to sewing!
:) Gi

Sanders said...

Haha! That diaper cover is so cute! Krista, which ones would you prefer to use on a newborn? I have only the Bum Genius but am willing to try new stuff. The Bum Genius just seem so bulky for a newborn.

Krista said...

I'm ashamed to admit, but I can't sew! (Although it's my goal to learn after I finish with language study.) I have a friend here who made them for me. She is starting a diaper company and will have hers out in the states in 6 months or so if you'd like to follow that exact pattern. However, if you sew, check with Margaret because she did make her own covers or get the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap and make one from that.

I'd get Kissaluvs fitteds (size 0) with the dappi covers. I just really like the kissaluvs and think they are so soft, especially for a newborn. They also have snaps you can easily adjust for the umbilical cord. I would also get some CPF's (infant size) and use them with a snappi and dappi cover. (The dappi cover is cheap, works great, and is very trim.) I'm with you on the bumGenius - I think they'd swallow up a newborn!

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