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Since the time Lydia was born, she has enjoyed books. I used to read to her while I was pregnant and after she was born it was apparent she recognized those two books above others (Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin and I Love You As Much by Laura Krauss Melmed). As she grew, I continued to read to her. (With grandmothers that are both teachers and love books, she has never been in need of new books to read :). It's been interesting to see her preferences, and there are books that I never read to her much, but she absolutely loves to look at. She loves animals, chunky board books (smaller and "chunkier" - easier for a baby to hold), and interactive books like touch and feel or lift-the-flap. Here are some of her tried and true favorites.

Baby Einstein Babies by Julie Aigner-Clark

Peek-A-Who by Nina Laden

Open the Barn Door by Christopher Santoro

I Went Walking by Sue Williams

Happy Baby by Roger Priddy

Bright Baby by Roger Priddy

LullaBible Series by Stephen Elkins

There's one more item that Lydia absolutely loves: Baby Einstein Learning Cards. She has the Language Discovery and Animal Discovery cards (like below). They are heavy-duty laminated cards with pictures. We've worked with her on them in both English and the local langauge where we live and she loves to play games and identify them in both languages.

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